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End to end ICO lifecycle management and exchange solution with incubation. Right Startups, Right Funding, And Right Growth.

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    15 May 2018 - 12 Sep 2018
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    14,000,000 USD
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Team Members
Ravi Chamria profile picture
Ravi Chamria
Co Founder/All things Technology
Tapash Sinha profile picture
Tapash Sinha
Co Founder/All things Marketing
Ed Rowland profile picture
Ed Rowland
Head -Crypto Analytics
Paul Kirch profile picture
Paul Kirch
Head - Market Research
Shringarica Chandel profile picture
Shringarica Chandel
Sr. Business Analyst
Ashish Vishwakarma profile picture
Ashish Vishwakarma
Solutions Architect
Sankalp Sharma profile picture
Sankalp Sharma
Blockchain Architect
Amit Pathak profile picture
Amit Pathak
Digital Marketing
Nitesh Sharma profile picture
Nitesh Sharma
Solutions Consultant - Blockchain & ERP
Prashant Prabhakar profile picture
Prashant Prabhakar
Blockchain Developer
Abhinav Garg profile picture
Abhinav Garg
Blockchain Developer
Lakshay Gaur profile picture
Lakshay Gaur
Blockchain Developer
Supriya Nigam profile picture
Supriya Nigam
Social Media Manager
Pratibha Verma profile picture
Pratibha Verma
Digital Marketing
Praneet Kumar profile picture
Praneet Kumar
Legal Advisor
Hosam Mazawi profile picture
Hosam Mazawi
Cryptocurrency Consultant
Abhijith Naraparaju profile picture
Abhijith Naraparaju
Blockchain Advisor
Floyd DCosta profile picture
Floyd DCosta
Strategic Advisor
Umar Shafiq  profile picture
Umar Shafiq
ICO Advisor
Prolitus profile picture
Global Blockchain Foundation profile picture
Global Blockchain Foundation
iCybersec profile picture
Blockchain Worx profile picture
Blockchain Worx
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