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WRIO Internet OS ICO

Internet of Things (IOT)

A browser-based open-source operating system with blockchain-powered cloud apps that use public decentralized storage of machine-readable data. This allows automatic data processing of all information uploaded into the web based on your interests.

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    31 Jul 2018 - 31 Oct 2018 (1.0 ETH = 20000.0 wgd)
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    Czech Republic
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    1,000 ETH
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    15,500 ETH
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Team Members
Alexey Anshakov profile picture
Alexey Anshakov
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Bilenko profile picture
Michael Bilenko
Senior Developer
Vladimir Spirin profile picture
Vladimir Spirin
Full-stack Developer
Umair A. Shahid profile picture
Umair A. Shahid
Linux Administrator
AlWaleed AlShehail profile picture
AlWaleed AlShehail
Chief Information Officer
James Scholz profile picture
James Scholz
Lead Communications, Product Manager
Jun Hao profile picture
Jun Hao
Community Lead
Benjamin Anderson profile picture
Benjamin Anderson
Marketing Manager
Roy Sasson profile picture
Roy Sasson
Growth Hacker
Paroma Indilo profile picture
Paroma Indilo
Operational Officer
Mikhail Kruchkov profile picture
Mikhail Kruchkov
Technical Writer and Translator
Leonard Tan profile picture
Leonard Tan
Blockchain Consultant
Vitali Hatalski profile picture
Vitali Hatalski
Tech Consultant, Investor
Igor Anshakov profile picture
Igor Anshakov
Business Consultant
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