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Artificial Intelligence

Yezcoin Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Yezcoin Pte. Ltd. is a Blockchain company that focuses on providing solutions to allow Blockchain companies to comply with Know Your Customers (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules. It is difficult for Blockchain technology to mature and reach mass adoption.Yezcoin is helping to create positive images of Blockchain technology so that Blockchain community can gain confidence, trust and support from Government and Venture Capitals to further mature Blockchain technology and its applications.

Yezcoin is also promoting Human Rights through digital identity. There are two billion people who don't have access to bank accounts and financial services. Blockchain technology can help establish digital identity for these underserved populations and allow them to have access to needed financial services that can improve their lives and their communities.

Yezcoin is helping businesses through partnership programs where businesses can use Yezcoin to increase their sales by rewarding loyal customers with Yezcoin, at the same time, let customers be part of the Yezcoin's movement to change the world.

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Team Members
Mongkol Thitithamasak profile picture
Mongkol Thitithamasak
Founder, Chief Scientist
Rocky Panjwani profile picture
Rocky Panjwani
Infrastructure & Security Architect
James Anthony Wolff profile picture
James Anthony Wolff
General Counsel
Vernon Gibbs profile picture
Vernon Gibbs
Co Founder , Business Development
Sukit Sawathsangoon profile picture
Sukit Sawathsangoon
Senior Engineer
Antonio Candelaria profile picture
Antonio Candelaria
Security Specialist
Julie Pewitt profile picture
Julie Pewitt
Media/Event/PR Specialist
Tushar Chhabhaiya profile picture
Tushar Chhabhaiya
Open source Software Architect/Blockchain Expert
Kashyap Prajapati profile picture
Kashyap Prajapati
Software Architect/ Blockchain Expert
Devendra Rabadia profile picture
Devendra Rabadia
Project Manager/ Blockchain Expert
Rajesh Rabadia profile picture
Rajesh Rabadia
Software Architect/ Blockchain Expert
Ophelie Chieh Chou profile picture
Ophelie Chieh Chou
Media/Business Development Specialist
Chetan Joshi profile picture
Chetan Joshi
Full Stack Developer/ Blockchain Expert
Amit Bisht  profile picture
Amit Bisht
Full Stack Developer/ Blockchain Expert
Jitendra Singh Shahi profile picture
Jitendra Singh Shahi
Full Stack Developer/ Blockchain Expert
Janet Closa profile picture
Janet Closa
Finance/ HR Specialist
Manit Thitithamasak profile picture
Manit Thitithamasak
Web Specialist
Vesper Gibbs Barnes profile picture
Vesper Gibbs Barnes
General Counsel
Christina Abraham profile picture
Christina Abraham
Project Manager
Developers from India profile picture
Developers from India
Navin Singh profile picture
Navin Singh
Andrew Tse profile picture
Andrew Tse
Tyler Tseng profile picture
Tyler Tseng
Jimmy Chue profile picture
Jimmy Chue
Tonwong Abhiradee profile picture
Tonwong Abhiradee
Peter Au profile picture
Peter Au
David Lin profile picture
David Lin
Kitty Lin profile picture
Kitty Lin
Michael Liang profile picture
Michael Liang
Daniel Lee profile picture
Daniel Lee
Wiwat Koopinpaitoon profile picture
Wiwat Koopinpaitoon
Watcharaphoom Udomsripan profile picture
Watcharaphoom Udomsripan
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