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BTC Could Rebound Despite a Strengthening Dollar; LINK Rallies 12%

The Daily Chain (about 14 hours ago)

BTC started today’s sessions with a decline below $10,200 against the US Dollar. The asset broke the $10,250 and $10,200 support levels to move further into a bearish zone. However, the bulls gained momentum, pushing the BTCUSD pair higher above the $10,450 level of support. Bitcoin has now succe... (Read More...)

Will Uniswap [UNI] Survive The Ongoing Token Outflow?

CoinGape (about 14 hours ago)

The surprise launch of Uniswap’s UNI governance token created a lot of buzz in the DeFi world. Days after climbing to an all-time high of $7.07, UNI shed more than 46% of its gains in just two days when it dropped to $3.79. Despite the dip, UNI bounced back, and at the time of writing, The post W... (Read More...)

Bitcoin Cash long-term Price Analysis: 24 September

AMBCrypto (about 15 hours ago)

Following Bitcoin's footsteps, many of the market's altcoins noted a slump in their price when the week began. The case for Bitcoin Cash was the same, with the coin falling on the charts by over 10 peThe post Bitcoin Cash long-term Price Analysis: 24 September appeared first on AMBCrypto. (Read More...)

Mapping out the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem

The Block (about 15 hours ago)

Quick Take Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are tokenized, blockchain-based provably scarce, non-divisible collectible items Advocates of NFTs believe that this technology can disrupt the gaming industry, create new markets for in-game items, digital art/collectibles, and even revolutionize markets for... (Read More...)

Russia’s new crypto laws require users to report their wallets

AMBCrypto (about 16 hours ago)

Russia’s Ministry of Finance has prepared a new version of Russia's laws that introduce stringent measures regarding the usage of crypto wallets, a local media outlet RBK, reported today. The announThe post Russia’s new crypto laws require users to report their wallets appeared first on AMBCrypto. (Read More...)

Zebpay Runs Bitcoin Ads During Indian Premier League Cricket Games

Cryptomode (about 16 hours ago)

Advertising Bitcoin in the open has proven to be challenging. The costs associated with doing so are quite steep, and the impact of such ads remains unclear. Zebpay, an Indian crypto exchange, is now showing Bitcoin ads during local cricket games. Are Bitcoin and Cricket a Good Mix? Different spo... (Read More...)

Leading Auction House Christie’s Listing Bitcoin Art for the First Time (about 16 hours ago)

The world’s largest auction house, Christie’s, will be presenting Bitcoin artwork for the first time. Block 21 of “Portraits of a Mind,” an art project showcasing the original Bitcoin code by Satoshi Nakamoto, will include a painting and a unique digital non-fungible token. Bitcoin Artwork Arrive... (Read More...)

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