Ready Player Cat NFT NFT

Ready Player Cat (RPC) is the mascot of the MAO DAO gaming metaverse. They are only born one at a time from loot boxes, and each celebrate distinctive qualities and visual characteristics. RPC Genesis is a curated collection of 5,000 unique RPC NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that also represent MAO DAO membership. Visit to learn more.

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Floor Price
1.749 ETH
Last 7 Days
$6,722.77 -8.1%
Market Cap
18,224.58 ETH
$70,051,215.85 -8.5%
24h Volume
48.34 ETH
Highest Sale Price
3.351 ETH
3,872 0.0%
Last 7 Days
Total Assets

Ready Player Cat NFT NFT is trading at a floor price of $6,722.77. There is a total of 10420 NFTs minted held by 3872 unique owners with a total market cap of $70,051,215.85.

Ready Player Cat NFT Floor Price Chart

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