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Notificaciones procedentes directamente de los equipos del proyecto.

Lightyears team is moving away from the original path away from Ethereum blockchain . Moving towards our own Lightyears Chain . With POW/POS Hybrid Lightyears Chain provide a better solution for all Crypto's users and investors. We increased the total Supply for keep the coin cost low and stable , transaction speed fast and cheaper.
Minable by using our desktop Qt wallet downloadable via website . Staking your Lightyears coins can never been easier.

ReflexToken has launched it's first NFT collection on Opensea.

The Reflex Cloud Mining NFT includes unlockable content that can only be revealed by the owner of the item... The buyer will receive a special code that rewards him with 100k RFX.

Learn more:

DELOREAN (DLN) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Bank services to all mobile phones' users 🏁
#DLN #token #DELOREAN #cryptocurrency #Dlncoin

DELOREAN (DLN) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Bank services to all mobile phones' users 🏁
#DLN #token #DELOREAN #cryptocurrency #Dlncoin

Earn rewards on Uniswap!

Provide WETH/WWGR liquidity and earn $WGR

Join the farm and stake your LP tokens.

$ETH #yieldFarming

New incentives start today

Beam 2021 Week #23 - Mobile 6.0

In double-quick time both play store and app store validated our mobile wallets so we can bring them to you in tandem, ready for our hardfork next week. Newsletter... dive in, subscribe, discuss.

Team Beam

Beam Release
Fierce Fermion 6.0 — iOS and Android

The Fierce Fermion 6.0 release for mobile wallets is here! Update now to the upcoming hard fork compatible wallets, along with improvements to functionality and usability!

Team Beam

A new Enjin project called Utilify is launching a platform that allows NFT creators and collectors to easily collaborate, build, and infuse their tokens with more utility

Read more:

Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) was performed yesterday! ✨

AUX crypto holders receive rewards; without staking or mining. Even those with offline wallets are rewarded up to 6.72% per annum. 💸

One of many advantages of our blockchain.

To those who missed the Community meeting earlier, here's is the recording of it. Thank you all for coming!

A special thanks to the Arcadia Group for their donation to Firo via OpenCollective!

🎉 Congratulation to all the winners of our anonymize your Firo with Lelantus competition! 🎊

1000 Firo was won! 🚀 We now have over 1.4m Firo minted with Lelantus

The prizes have been handed to the following winning addresses:

Our Android mobile wallet is live! 🔥
Keep your AUX crypto coins close, while receiving 6.72% interest per annum.

Go and check it out on GooglePlay

The Auxilium blockchain is fast, secure and scalable. With near instant, near fee less transactions.


You can buy and hold $DYP on different exchanges, store them in your wallet, but the best option is the #staking

#DeFiYieldProtocol Staking offers High-Yield Staking with Up to 35% APR

🎇 Stake your #DYP tokens with Zero Risk!


#DeFi #ethereum #eth

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Change of Subscription and Pricing!
Subscribe Before June 30, 2021 and get 20% Discount!
If you have a FREE subscription, you need to go to NEW SUBSCRIPTION on your Dashboard and Upgrade your Account before June 30, 2021!
If you do not upgrade, your account will expire on July 1, 2021 and ALL YOUR DATA WILL BE LOST!!!
Thank you for using

Very important software upgrade for all Blackcoin users!

Blackcoin has released Blackcoin More v2.13.2.8. Very important that EVERYONE upgrades, to mitigate large dust transactions in the mempool. Please download from #Blackcoin $BLK


BANANO Goes DeFi: Wrapped BANANO (wBAN) is now available on the Binance Smart Chain, and can now be traded on ApeSwap!
All Details here: : Vote Every Hour and Earn 500 Voting Reward Points Each HOUR !!!
Go to MY TOP 18 CRYPTOS in your profile and Vote for your TOP 18 Cryptos.
You will get rewarded 500 18digits points for one Vote each hour.
Support Your favorite Cryptos. Happy Voting !

Dimecoin launches stratum (pool mining) on testnet! If all goes well, this should be the last series of tests before the team finalizes the build and plans a date for mainnet launch!

If you would like to join the test, please join our telegram, or discord for more information!

CamelCoin (CML) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Get 25% revenue share from Camel business 🐪
#CML #token #CamelCoin #cryptocurrency #Agriculture

Own Your Data With yanDNA🧬

Owning your own data means that ONLY you control who accesses your information.

yanDNA is coming in Q3 to support Digital Identities, API Feeds, NFT Storage & many more use cases.

Stay tuned for more PAC software releases!

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