De Cryptomcmillan1 | Actualizado el May 24, 2020
Flappening is a term used to describe Litecoin growing bigger and becoming more valuable than Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It is spawned from the term Flippening (used when another crypto overtakes Bitcoin). Flappening is likely a term as the Litecoin community also circulates a meme called "Arise chikun(chicken)" to describe the rise in price of the coin.

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Términos relacionados

Offline Staking
Staking without needing to be connected to the blockchain
A financial instrument which derives its value from the performance of an underlying asset or index (eg. gold, crude oil)
Algorithm is a set of rules to follow to solve a problem or conduct a task.
The set of rules in a network in which participating members comply to allow proper communication.
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