Monedas: 3819
Intercambios: 273
Capitalización de mercado: $ 1,8%
Volumen en 24 h: 13.836.836.953 $
BTC 52,0%
XRP 10,8%
ETH 10,3%
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We are going to create a contest that will compete with the world's current renowned beauty contests. The most important difference of our contest is going to be the full transparency of all its stages due to its full implementation on blockchain.

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Detalles del token
  • Lista blanca
  • Preventa
  • Venta pública
    9 Dec 2017 - 7 May 2018 (0.02 USD = 1.0 misc)
  • Teletipo bursátil
  • Plataforma
  • Estado
    United Kingdom
  • Accepting
  • Restricciones
  • Suma total
    311,000,00 USD
  • Tope flexible
  • Límite máximo
    10,000,000 USD
  • Total de tokens
  • Disponible para la venta
  • Prima
  • Se requiere KYC
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