alchemy  (ACOIN)

Alchemy (ACOIN)

$1,11 -13.7%
0,00002299 BTC -4.4%
0,00050849 ETH -3.8%
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$1,06 / $1,32
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? / 99.695.908

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Alchemy Price and Market Stats

Precio del ACOIN $1,11
Capitalización de mercado ?
Dominio de capitalización de mercado 0,00 %
Volumen de comercio $139.335
Volumen / Cap. de mercado
Mínimo en 24 h / Máximo en 24 h $1,06 / $1,32
Mínimo en 7 días / Máximo en 7 días $0,934352 / $2,13
Clasificación de capitalización de mercado N/A
Máximo histórico $5,64 -80.7%
Apr 17, 2020 (alrededor de 1 año)
Mínimo histórico $0,299393 262.9%
Jan 08, 2021 (3 meses)
Divulgaciones de afiliados
# Intercambios Par Precio Margen Liquidez de +2 % Liquidez de -2 % Volumen de 24 h Volumen en % Último cambio Trust Score
1,11 $
1,111677 USDT
1.52% 369 $ 3 $
139.113,72 $
125331,616 ACOIN
100,00 % Recientemente
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Información sobre Alchemy

El precio de Alchemy (ACOIN) hoy es de $1,11 con un volumen de comercio de $139.335 en 24 horas. El precio ha bajado a -13.7% en las últimas 24 horas. Tiene una cantidad en circulación de 0 monedas y una cantidad máxima de 100 millones monedas. KuCoin es el mercado más activo que está realizando operaciones con esta divisa.

Alchemy is a decentralized data model training platform based on chain security encryption operation and random forest training algorithm. Blockchain ecosystem nodes transfer transaction decision data back to beacons to realize data extraction, use, right determination and reward. At the same time, random forest algorithms are integrated to realize decentralized decision model construction and training system, and beacons feedback from data samples are used to modify the fitting model. As a result, a decentralized, self-iterative, autonomous incentive system data model training platform is realized.

Alchemy smart contract records data related to transactions / transfers on the platform, and ensures that data ownership and use rights are independent of each other through multi-party secure encryption operations and sandbox data transaction. Alchemy Ecosystem does not store supplier data, but encapsulates the data into sandbox, using only the beacon fitting model fed back by data samples.

The Alchemy ecological node can correct the model by transmitting the transaction decision data return beacon and get the corresponding Token reward; the node that mortgages a certain number of tokens can become the verification node, and the verification node can obtain the transaction data training set by the ecological node voting.

Alchemy intelligent contract traces all the transaction records through machine learning, processes the data information, takes the maximum ACOIN as the goal, carries on the model construction and training iteration with the random forest algorithm, and obtains the transaction model based on the current training set.

When the Alchemy model meets the requirements, the model can generate different trading pairs based on the algorithm and begin to trade automatically. At the same time, the model will be constantly optimized and adjusted.

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