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tigercash  (TCH)

TigerCash (TCH)

$0,011360365434 -2.5%
0,00000020 BTC -5.0%
0,00000268 ETH -5.3%
A 970 personas les gusta esto
Rango de 24 h
Cap. de mercado $7.952.256
Volumen de comercio en 24 horas $4.455.107
Cantidad circulante 700.000.000
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TigerCash (TCH) Gráfico de precios

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Precio y estadísticas de mercado de TCH

Precio del TCH $0,011360365434
Cap. de mercado $7.952.256
Dominio de capitalización de mercado 0,00 %
Volumen de comercio $4.455.107
Volumen / Cap. de mercado 0.5602
Mínimo en 24 h / Máximo en 24 h $0,011009979563 / $0,011883829234
Mínimo en 7 días / Máximo en 7 días $0,011075330302 / $0,013990875977
Clasificación de capitalización de mercado #1391
Máximo histórico $0,081385029750 -86.0%
Jul 18, 2018 (más de 3 años)
Mínimo histórico $0,004831029360 135.2%
Sep 15, 2020 (alrededor de 1 año)

Precio y datos del mercadoTigerCash

El precio de TigerCash hoy es de $0,011360365434 con un volumen de comercio de $4.455.107 en 24 horas.El precio ha bajado a -2.5% en las últimas 24 horas. Tiene una oferta circulante de 700 millonesTCH monedas y una oferta total de 1 mil millones. Si quiere comprar o vender TigerCash, CoinTiger es actualmente el intercambio más activo.

Tiger Cash (TCH could be recognized as a symbol) is a platform token issued by the CoinTiger exchange, which is a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on Ethereum. It was officially launched on November 15, 2017, with a total supply of 1.05 billion and 672 million in circulation. Since launch, 50 million TCH have been bought back from the secondary market and burned. Currently, there are a total of 1 billion TCH, which can be viewed through blockchain browser.

CoinTiger Equity Granted to TigerCash(TCH) Holders, CoinTiger will allocate no less than 50% of net profit to all TCH holders every year while cancelling the previous mechanism of “using 50% of profit to buyback and burn TCH”. After the implementation of the new rules, users who holding more than 1% of the total TCH (10 million TCH) may apply for CoinTiger Singapore Company shareholder change registration.

CoinTiger Equity Granted to TigerCash(TCH) Holders:https://www.cointiger.pro/#/notice_detail/346

Tiger Cash是由CoinTiger交易所发行的平台代币,简称TCH,是基于以太坊Ethereum的去中心化的区块链数字资产。TCH于2017年11月15日正式上线,总发行量10.5亿个。从2018年开始,CoinTiger每个季度将拿出不低于50%的利润逐步对TCH进行回购并销毁,销毁总量4.5亿个,最终总流通盘将控制在6亿个TCH。TCH的每次回购记录将会第一时间通过公告公布,用户可通过区块链浏览器查询,确保公开透明。


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