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What is the Beam Eager Electron Upgrade?

Beam Eager Electron 5.0 Upgrade includes breaking Hard Fork that will be activated on height 777,777. The hard fork will introduce various new upgrades and features to the chain, enabling multiple features such as confidential assets, breaking linkability, and many others. The hard fork will also include a change in the mining algorithm.

When will the Upgrade occur?

The Eager Electron Upgrade is set to coincide with Beam's Hard Fork at block 777,777. It is estimated that this will occur on June 28th, 2020.

What are the features and improvements included in the Hard Fork?

This is a very significant hard fork for BEAM. There will be various major changes and features being introduced in the hard fork:

The upgrade also includes various improvements and fixes for the BEAM wallet and software. 

What should I do to prepare for the Hard Fork?

Before starting the upgrade procedure it is highly recommended to stop the wallets and back up the wallet.db files. This is especially true for mining pools and exchanges, if you are an exchange or have BEAM in exchanges or a mining pool, please take note.

  1. Download the new binaries from Beam Website or build from source.

  2. When you first run the new wallet and node binaries on the old databases, the database structure will be upgraded to a new version. This can take a lot of time and it is normal.

  3. In order to guarantee network connectivity, we recommend to use the following parameters in your node configuration:


  4. Eager Electron 5.0 introduces support for Confidential Assets. This means that there could be additional coins and tokens traded on the Beam network. By default the wallet support for these assets is DISABLED. The pools should keep this option disabled. If you are an exchange and wish to enable support for Confidential Assets in the 5.0 please contact Beam Team directly for guidance.


For more information on Eager Electron 5.0, please visit:

For a detailed guide to upgrading in anticipation of Eager Electron 5.0, please visit:

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