Monnaies: 1876
Plates-formes d'échange: 132
Capitalisation du marché: 340 774 843 350 $
Vol. 24 h: 7 440 255 824 $
BTCPrédominance BTC: 37,5%
ETHPrédominance ETH: 17,4%
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AdSigma ICO


The AdSigma Token (ADSi) is a utility token with which advertisers can buy digital display advertisement on web/app properties, and publishers can monetize their apps/websites using AdSigma platform (They get paid in ADSi tokens). The platform is based on the Ethereum’s Smart Contracts, which guarantee secure transactions based on the parameters set by the participants (Advertisers and Publishers) themselves.

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1 755
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7 531
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Détails du jeton
  • Prévente
    5 Apr 2018 - 19 Apr 2018
  • Vente publique
    20 Apr 2018 - 20 May 2018
  • Symbole
  • Pays
  • Capitalisation minimale
    2,850 ETH
  • Capitalisation maximale
    19,000 ETH
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Membres d'équipe
Suumit Shah profile picture
Suumit Shah
Project Development, Operations, Co-founder
Kapil Bhosale profile picture
Kapil Bhosale
Blockchain & Cloud Engineering, Co-founder
Akshay Mohite profile picture
Akshay Mohite
Blockchain & Web Development, Co-founder
Ravi Tamada profile picture
Ravi Tamada
Android Developer & Big Data Engineering, Co-founder
Subhash Choudhary profile picture
Subhash Choudhary
Ashutosh Bhatt profile picture
Ashutosh Bhatt
Community Manager
Vivek Sancheti profile picture
Vivek Sancheti
Strategic Investor Relations​
Kumar Aakash profile picture
Kumar Aakash
International Scaling and Business Advisor
Vladimir Nikitin  profile picture
Vladimir Nikitin
Strategic ICO Advisor
Amarpreet Singh profile picture
Amarpreet Singh
Blockchain & Fintech Advisor
Nikolay Shkilev profile picture
Nikolay Shkilev
Crypto Enthusiast and Mentor
Nathan Christian profile picture
Nathan Christian
Blockchain Technology Consultant
Wannipha (Jen) Buakaew profile picture
Wannipha (Jen) Buakaew
Blockchain Global Influencer
Mohit Tater profile picture
Mohit Tater
Investor and Blockchain Advisor
Sydney Ifergan profile picture
Sydney Ifergan
Digital Marketing Specialist
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