Monnaies: 3000
Plates-formes d'échange: 237
Capitalisation du marché: 213 966 814 014 $
Vol. 24 h: 10 806 026 330 $
BTC 52,7%
ETH 9,81%
BCH 3,64%
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Send ICO


Send (SDT) is semi-stable digital money powered by the blockchain. By replacing speculation with a transparent liquidity formula that defines price based on measures of real use, SDT creates value through increased use and adoption, incentivizing continued demand evolution over time. Token holders enjoy usability and periods of temporary price stability within a network of connected apps.

WeSend beta: 12,000 beta users are completing their daily transactions using SDT within WeSend, a live MVP with 80,000+ points of payment for easy cash-in/cash-out of the SDT token.

SDT is a US-compliant utility token.

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Statistiques sociales
Utilisateurs Telegram
10 606
Abonnés Twitter
1 249
ICO commencée
Durée restante
Site Web Livre blanc
Détails du jeton
  • Liste blanche
  • Prévente
    1 Jun 2018 - 30 Jun 2018 (0.14 USD = 1.0 sdt)
  • Vente publique
    15 Jul 2018 - 14 Jul 2019 (0.2 USD = 1.0 sdt)
  • Symbole
  • Plate-forme
  • Pays
    Cayman Islands
  • Accepting
  • Restrictions
    • Cayman Islands (Total Restriction)
    • Morocco (Total Restriction)
    • Kyrgyzstan (Total Restriction)
    • Ecuador (Total Restriction)
    • Bolivia (Total Restriction)
    • South Korea (Total Restriction)
    • Iran (Total Restriction)
    • Syria (Total Restriction)
    • North Korea (Total Restriction)
    • Cuba (Total Restriction)
    • China (Total Restriction)
  • Fonds totaux levés
    4,000,000,00 USD
  • Capitalisation minimale
    1,000,000 USD
  • Capitalisation maximale
    231,000,000 SDT
  • Total de jetons
  • Commercialisé
  • Récompense
  • KYC requis
Membres d'équipe
Camilo Jimenez profile picture
Camilo Jimenez
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Francisco Córdoba profile picture
Francisco Córdoba
Co-Founder / COO & Chief Visionary
Marcio Abreu profile picture
Marcio Abreu
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Sarah Kate Hartt profile picture
Sarah Kate Hartt
Communications Director
María Helena Barros Burchardt profile picture
María Helena Barros Burchardt
UX Lead
Nikolay Rusinko profile picture
Nikolay Rusinko
QA Engineer
Felipe Linares profile picture
Felipe Linares
UI Designer
Daniela Escobar profile picture
Daniela Escobar
Community Dev. Coordinator
Eugenio Mendoza profile picture
Eugenio Mendoza
Full-Stack Engineer
Martin Ocando profile picture
Martin Ocando
Full-Stack Engineer
Jairo Bernal profile picture
Jairo Bernal
Full-Stack Engineer
Hans Burbano profile picture
Hans Burbano
Full-Stack Engineer
Jose Eduardo Bazoberry profile picture
Jose Eduardo Bazoberry
Remittances Advisor
Nasrat Khalid profile picture
Nasrat Khalid
International Projects Advisor
John Vasikaran profile picture
John Vasikaran
African Markets Advisor
Patricio Molina profile picture
Patricio Molina
Latin American Markets Advisor
Klaus Hott profile picture
Klaus Hott
Blockchain Advisor
Fabian Vega profile picture
Fabian Vega
Strategy Advisor
David Garcia profile picture
David Garcia
Cryptocurrency Advisor
WeSend profile picture
PuntoRed profile picture
ePayco profile picture
Cryptobuyer profile picture
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