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tomochain  (TOMO)
TomoChain (TOMO)
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Circulating Supply
64 694 400 / 100 000 000
TOMO Reward
[Beta] Voting Reward Calculator: Calculation based on yearly estimates assuming 150 Masternodes, 12.5 million token voting, a total of 20 million token locked. Click here for details.

TomoChain (Beam Updates)

The loyalty point program is an important factor to honor long term customers engagement to a brand. Yet, it’s not always a smooth ride for this method to reach its initial goal. Check out this blog to see how blockchain is gonna tackle those barriers:

Forbes shared CEO Long Vuong’s perspective on how TomoChain opens the door to mass crypto adoption.

#TomoChain is constantly building the right blockchain-based financial applications to become conducive to the web 3.0 development.


TomoChain will be attending Consensus Singapore 2019 on Sept 11th & 12th at the Marina Bay Sands.

We are very excited and looking forward to seeing you 🖐️

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[Day 5 Mission] TomoChain WordCrush
Guess today’s the crossword & What’s your top 3 masternodes to stake with and Why? Post under the thread:

Prize: 100 $TOMO each to top 3 most mentioned masternodes and 25 $TOMO each to 5 random answers.

We just launched the newest staking landing page: Send us feedback if any to improve the landing page ❤️

📌Announcing our new partnership with Senpoint, a community where anyone can earn and shop with unification point cards.

We are confident that TomoZ protocol with TRC21 token can be a game-changer for Senpoint by eliminating several pain points of traditional loyalty programs - said Long Vuong

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[Day 3 Mission] TomoChain WordCrush

Guess today’s word.
Join our TomoChain GIF/meme competition on Twitter. Unleash your creativity & submit your works under this THREAD: Contest ends in 3 days.

Prizes for 2 correct answers for today’s word and the 7 best, most creative & engagement ones.

More info:

TomoChain won #Binance BEP2 Community Listing Program and will be officially listed on Binance!

Set your clock at 1:00 PM (UTC) on August 24th, 2019 as Binance will be listing TomoChain (TOMO) and open trading for TOMO/BNB, TOMO/BTC, TOMO/USDT, and TOMO/USDC trading pairs. Users can now start depositing TOMO in preparation for trading.

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[Day 2 Mission]

With TomoZ, from creating fundraisers to users’ own tokens, TRC21 varies in its functions. Check out our article: to have a better explanation on how TRC21 works together with TomoZ and what potentials these tokens have to offer.

Share your thoughts on which other aspect and purpose TRC21 tokens can be applied to under this thread:

📌TomoChain AMA series #3: Blockchain Game Ecosystem will be live on Wednesday, Aug.28th 2019 starting 8 pm GMT+7.

You'll be meeting with TomoChain's expert Dr. Cam, Axie Infinity Growth Lead Mr. Jeffrey Zirlin, and Founder & CEO Mr. Kyle Lu. Ask them any questions via this form: and they will solve your concerns!

See you guys next week!

#TomoZ goes live: a solution to all blockchain users for a smoother transaction.
For anyone using TRC21 tokens, it’s possible to pay all on-chain fees with the token they are sending. $TOMO will no longer be needed when sending #TRC21 tokens on TomoChain!

TomoChain is excited to roll out TomoChain WordCrush, a 10-day mission trip hunting for knowledge and prizes! 🎁 Pick whichever daily task we have to offer, complete it, and pick up TOMO along the way. Beware as missions pop up anytime during the day!

So what are you waiting for? Be prepared to Break the News and Crush the Words!

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🌟TomoZ mainnet launch announcement

#TomoZ, with Z standing for Zero - Zero Friction, is the new protocol enabling holders to transfer TomoChain-based tokens without using $TOMO as the transaction fee.

We're happy to announce that TomoZ mainnet will be live at 3 pm GMT +8 on 20th Aug 2019.

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TomoChain is thrilled to announce the partnership with
Conflux Chain, a Tree-graph based PoW Nakomoto Consensus protocol, to explore market expansion and target on community development in Vietnam, China & Korea.
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TomoChain is pleased to announce our new partnership with HashQuark, one of the top staking services in China.

We are both committed to working together to promote a healthy staking ecosystem through co-branded marketing activities that run in both countries. With this new partnership, HashQuark and TomoChain share a common goal to raise awareness of quality investment opportunities.

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[TomoChain Techblog]

Let's figure out how #NFT tokens uplift mobile games and start to build your first game Dapp on TomoChain!

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Hey guys,

To spice up the $TOMOB Trading Competition, we offer an additional 50 TOMOB rewarded daily to 5 randomly chosen accounts (10 TOMOB each) from top 11 to 70 starting Aug. 8th to Aug. 14th. 🙌🙌🙌

Never too late to join us!

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📌[TomoChain Techblog] An overview of the Token Standard on TomoChain platform

A token standard defines a set of rules that governs its issuance & use.
A must-read article for developers and tech lovers to get a deeper understanding of the different token standards on the #TomoChain platform: #TRC21, #TRC20, #TRC721 & their use cases.

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Check out the TomoChain monthly AMA #2 with our CBDO - Kyn Chaturvedi here:

[TomoChain TechBlog] TomoZ - Simply Explained

TomoZ — with Z stands for Zero — is the new protocol enabling holders to transfer #TomoChain-based tokens without using TOMO as the transaction fee.

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[TomoChain Techblog] How to migrate DApps from Ethereum to TomoChain?

The tutorial shows how easy it is to migrate a DApp running on Ethereum to TomoChain in order to use the many unrivaled features and advantages that TomoChain has over Ethereum.

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TOMO Soft Staking Official Rules - Cash Back Investment Program for TomoChain (TOMO) Holding

We are excited to announce that #Kucoin has launched the TOMO Soft Staking Program which is available to all KuCoin users. The service will begin from July 28, 2019 (UTC+8).

Read the announcement:

After months of development, we would like to present the Public Testnet for TomoZ - The Zero Friction Protocol.

TomoZ - The first on-chain protocol that offers the ability for any user to pay transaction fees with the same token the user is holding - is going LIVE on testnet at 6:00 PM (Singapore time) on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019.

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TomoChain team is proud to present a brand new product developed by us: TomoZ - the first on-chain protocol that offers the ability for any user to pay transaction fees with the same token the user is holding.

How to get non-crypto users involved in the crypto space and experiment with crypto-based products?

Look into our proposal to see how TomoZ reduces the barriers to entry and find your answer:

TomoChain is happy to join hands in the Binance Charity Lunch For Children initiative with Binance Charity Foundation to help children in Uganda fulfill one of the most basic physiological needs.

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📌TomoChain — CrossAngle Partnership Announcement

TomoChain and CrossAngle are pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership, in which TomoChain discloses information on Xangle, a data disclosure platform developed by CrossAngle, to provide exchanges and investors with institutional-grade reports.

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