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Zcash (Beam Updates)

Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
-2.0.5 delayed, anticipate a Monday release
-Transparency report published

Full update:

Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
-ZIP and NUP Process Updates to Enhance Community Engagement
-Zcashd 2.0.5 is planned for release next week
-Following along with ZIP editors
-Reference Wallet Team Twitter Q&A

Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
-Canceled plans to implement the feature of Splitting the Founder’s Reward (FR) in the NU2 Blossom upgrade
-Zcash Empowers Charitable Giving
-People Behind Zcash Technology: Jack Grigg

Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
-Zcashd v2.0.4 was released
-The light client reference wallet has been built
-List of draft ZIPs submitted for Network Upgrade 3 (NU3)
-New Buzz page

A list of draft ZIPs submitted for the Network Upgrade 3 (NU3) is now available. Take a look at the submissions and provide feedback via the Zcash Ecosystem Development List, as per the process outlined in ZIP0.


Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
-Zcashd security announcement
-Zcash is Compatible with AML/CFT Regulation
-Zcash events: US, Japan, Singapore and Korea
-eToro market research report about Zcash

Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
-The first Electric Coin Company quarterly newsletter
-New quarterly livestream broadcasts, mark your calendar for March 28th at 5PM MT

Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
- NU3 Process Changes
- Company Name Change
- The Growing Role of the Zcash Foundation
- Zcash Featured on Coinbase Earn

Zcash is now featured on Coinbase Earn! The Zcash Company has allocated 15,518 ZEC for this initiative aimed at educating millions of people globally about Zcash. Half of the ZEC will be distributed in this first campaign, while the other half is reserved for future Earn Zcash tasks. 100% of these tokens will be distributed to Coinbase Earn users. Learn more:

Weekly Update: (Community + Comms):
- Counterfeiting Vulnerability Successfully Remediated
- Applications are open for Zcon1
- Shielded Addresses GDPR Compliant by Default

Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
— “Encouraged Community Work” GitHub board
— P4: Zcash shielded transactions for private payments
— Zcon1 announced (June 22–24, Split, Croatia)

Read the full update:

Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
— NU2 Blossom Network Upgrade Goals
— Zcashd feature selection process
— 2019 Zcash Go-to-Market
— Zcash Reference Wallet Light Client Protocol

We are excited to announce that Galaxy Digital has begun OTC trading and two-sided liquidity solutions of Zcash. Galaxy joins other OTC firms in trading Zcash including Circle Trade, Cumberland and Genesis Trading.

Announcing our 2019 Go-to-Market strategy! Josh Swihart, VP of Marketing and Business Development, describes how we plan to continue driving adoption, increasing openness and promoting collaboration.

Learn more about the Zcash reference wallet light client protocol including how it protects the privacy of users and optimizes performance:

Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
— New Release: 2.0.2
— The Zcash Network Upgrade Pipeline
— Sapling Cryptography Validation Resources
— Join us for the AMA today at Noon PST!

The full update is available at:

Zcash is now available at and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps.

New Release: 2.0.2 - This adds further support for Sapling in the zcashd wallet RPC and mitigates an issue identified by an external auditor.

Learn more about the process we’re using to safely ship new protocol upgrades in Zcash. We're calling it "The Zcash Network Upgrade Pipeline." Our next protocol upgrade is dubbed Zcash Blossom, which we plan to activate in October 2019.

Zcash Weekly Update (Engineering & Community + Comms):
— 2.0.2-rc Release is completed and tested
— Blossom Network Upgrade goals proposed
— Zcash Reference Wallet Design
— Zcash has been introduced on Coinbase Pro

Weekly Update (Community & Communications):
— Our three strategic priorities
— 2019 network upgrade, Blossom
— Defense against counterfeiting in shielded pools
— Reinforcing the Sapling MPC
— Introducing ten new team members
To learn more about these topics and other Zcash news:

New blog feature! David Campbell, COO of Zcash Company, outlines our Three Strategic Priorities:

Subscribe to the Zcash blog for future updates about our ongoing progress:

Weekly update - November 9th: Sapling activation is complete! Continuing to work on additional RPC support for Sapling. Getting close to supporting Windows port of Zcash. New information on the upcoming Zcash Reference Wallet. More in the full update:

New videos! This week the Zcash Perspectives series features Jill Carlson, cryptocurrency consultant, on Barriers to Adoption and Disintermediation.

Update on our team! Zcash Company continues to attract world-class talent to advance its mission of empowering everyone with economic freedom and opportunity.