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Zcoin (Beam Updates)

Check out a little teaser of how Zcoin's Sigma privacy protocol works and how it is designed to make it easy to anonymize your funds and make Sigma spends! =>

Reuben talks on NASDAQ TradeTalks about privacy on the blockchain and the challenges on getting it right.

Blokt interviewed Reuben Yap, COO of Zcoin, to find out why privacy-preserving technologies are essential to cryptocurrencies, and what makes the Zcoin team so passionate about them.

Watch Reuben being interviewed by Crypto Finder on the recent Zerocoin exploit, the important of having a supply auditability, and on Zcoin's upcoming privacy protocols: Sigma and Lelantus.

Zcoin Development Update 9 May 2019
New privacy protocol Sigma testnet launch and fixes, Exodus token adoption, Lelantus cryptographic libraries completed.

Listen to Reuben's interview on Crypto 101 giving further details on the Zerocoin flaw, how it was mitigated and handling responsible disclosure.

Our Sigma repo is now public in preparation for testnet launch.

We are happy to be listed on DigiFinex, one of the world's leading exchanges with a BTC and ETH pair. Deposits will be open on 15th April and trading/withdrawal will be open from the 16th April.

Check out this week's development update at

You can now buy Amazon gift cards using Zcoin $XZC in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and Spain at

If you have any question or want to speak Zcoin at the Future Blockchain Summit, catch the guy in the Zcoin shirt! Prashanth Konda, Zcoin's $XZC Ambassador for Dubai will be representing Zcoin at this event.

Zcoin Development Update 31 March
* Sigma private testnet with first Sigma mint and spend, finalizing for public testnet
* Lelantus multi exponentiation improvements and feedback
* GUI work resumed after porting to new programmer
* Satang Wallet with QR code payment integration to begin penetration testing soon.

Up-and-coming Resistance DEX ( are launching a privacy-focused Donation Program Contest. The winner will receive 15% of the trading fees of their Decentralized Exchange!

⚠️ To cast your vote for Zcoin, head to this page ⚠️
+ join their Telegram group (mandatory for the vote to count!) at

There are only 9 days left. Thanks for your vote! 🙏🏼

Spend your Zcoin with PolisPay's Mastercard®!

Zcoin recently got integrated with mulit-currency wallet PolisPay. Using their debit card, you can now use Zcoin to pay wherever Mastercard® is accepted and even withdraw cash from ATMs!

Read more about how it works here:

Happy for Zcoin $XZC to be listed on another DEX! @dynxgroup is built on the BitShares blockchain. Check it out at:

Check out a recent Rock The Block Live interview with Reuben in Singapore:

For those of you who missed the Binance AMA, you can find the transcript here:

Catch Reuben, Zcoin's COO in an AMA on Binance's Telegram on 6th March 9:30 AM UTC. There will be a 100 XZC up for grabs and 3x Zcoin swag packages to give away!

Catch Zcoin at the MIT Bitcoin Expo 2019! On the 9th March, our Zcoin Ambassador to Boston, Matt Koskinen will be doing a talk on "Lelantus: Improving on Zerocoin"

Time: 9:51am - 10:03am. Room 34-101

Check out this detailed guide on HashRaptor's experience of mining using MTP on Zcoin $XZC!

Zcoin Development Update 28 February 2019

Lelantus building blocks completed, Sigma testnet approaching along with public testing release of GUI.

What is Sigma and Lelantus? Find out how these privacy protocols improve over Zerocoin and Zcoin's plans with them.

Binance Charity launches Lunch for Children Campaign with Zcoin. An account from our Community Lead and Johannesburg ambassador, Michael "Muggles" Bernhardt.

You can now mine Zcoin using Nicehash! We will be monitoring rentable hashrate closely.

We are happy to announce the stable release of our open source AMD miner (sgminer) for MTP!