Rank #835
2 230 személy kedveli ezt
erc20  (ERC20)

ERC20 (ERC20)

$0,0173661896743 -5.0%
0,00000037968271 BTC -0.4%
0,000005416404 ETH 1.3%
2 230 személy kedveli ezt
24H Range
Kapitalizáció $19610660
24 órás forgalom $3600
Forgalomban lévő kínálat 1 128 632 517
Total Supply 12 999 999 999
Maximum kínálat ?
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ERC20 (ERC20) Price Chart

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1 óra
24 ó
7 n
30 n

ERC20 Price and Market Stats

ERC20 árfolyam $0,0173661896743
Kapitalizáció $19610660
Kapitalizációs dominancia 0,00093%
Forgalom $3600
Forgalom / kapitalizáció 0.0002
24 órás minimum / 24 órás maximum $0,0172625613615 / $0,0188174461739
7 napos minimum / 7 napos maximum $0,0153365550921 / $0,0193322308361
Kapitalizációs rang #835
Mindenkori maximum $4,3 -99.6%
Jul 20, 2018 (kb. 3 éve)
Mindenkori minimum $0,000000801253433231 2168451.6%
May 31, 2018 (több, mint 3 éve)

ERC20 névjegye

A(z) ERC20 ára mára $0,0173661896743, 24 órás forgalma $3600. A(z) ERC20 ára ennyit csökkent az elmúlt 24 órában: -5.0%.Forgalomban lévő kínálat: 1,1 milliárd érme, max. kínálat: 10 milliárd érme. PancakeSwap (v2) (OLD): jelenleg a legaktívabb piac, amely kereskedik vele.

ERC20 is an innovative NFTs Collectibles token and a new kind of DeFi crypto.

The ERC20 Token was originally conceived as an upgraded alternative version of a cryptocurrency, providing advanced features. But through the years since 2017 a 97.000 holders of ERC20 token found many ways to use the token according to the trends people need. What is more interesting is that the ERC20 Token can move far beyond just crypto-currency. Smart contracts, fast transactions, collecting and other advantages of ERC20 Token around decentralised blockchain and decentralised markets, among dozens of other such concepts, have the potential to substantially increase features and usage of the crypto industry, and provide a massive boost to other peer-to-peer world by adding for the first time an economic layer. Finally, there is also a substantial array of potential that have nothing to do with money at all.

With a built-in smart-contract introduced the future needs and desires of users ERC20 Token is open-ended by design, and we believe that it is extremely well-suited to serving as a foundational layer for a very large number of both financial and non-financial (NFT) world in the years to come.

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