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The project Mambo24 began operating in Russia in October 2016.
Today, Mambo24 has over 10,000 regular customers, over 500 partners selling consumer products, more than 300 restaurants from 20 Russian cities, and air tickets to all destinations from 300 world airlines.
The project Mambo24, a successful and progressive business, is one of top ten largest online marketplaces in Russia due to the number of goods and services on the same platform.
Functionality capabilities of Mambo24 create competitive advantages of the project over other online stores:
●help customers find / compare / buy products using a single platform;
● allow the use of its own currency - Mambocoin (mbc);
● allow to receive a cashback from every purchase, to accumulate a discount percentage and also to use received funds to pay for other products from the platform;

● keep fair and transparent rating of buyers and sellers;
● effectively promote goods and services of partners in the market;
● propose alternative offers of goods from other sellers of the system in case of temporary absence of particular products from a partner;
● provide an automated product distribution by category;
● protect user data at the moment of goods payment on Mambo24 platform;
These opportunities allowed the project to carve out a niche in Russian and in the future in the global e-commerce market.
● Global goals: to become a world leader in e-commerce sector by constantly scaling the business, using common standards for online stores and strengthening the value of mbc in the global market (for more details, see paragraph 2.3)
● Local goals: to foster small/medium-sized businesses, creating an additional

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