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atbcoin  (ATB)
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"ATB Coin incorporates the best features of POS-based crypto currencies. ATB Coin's users can achieve better decentralization, transparency, privacy, and cost-efficiency in their financials. Low energy consumption, ease of use, and better network participation incentives work in line with doubled network capacity, smart contracts, lightweight wallet, and cloud mining to provide people from all over the world a worthwhile, stable, and more reliable way of handling their financial needs.

The strongest advantages of ATB Coin are the new blockchain technologies, such as SegWit and Lightning Network. Now these protocols are only laid in existing cryptocurrencies, but in ATB Coin they will be basic, since partial implementation of the above-described blockchain upgrades will be implemented already from the start.
This gives ATB Coin a number of useful features, one of them is an unlimited number of transactions processed absolutely free of charge in the so-called payment channel. The Lightning Network protocol also allows you to calculate the network commission only when the channel is closed (for example, at the end of the day or month). This fundamental feature is difficult to overestimate, as it increases the efficiency of bandwidth blockchain.
Another available advanced feature is ATB-Code, which is the ability to cold store and transfer coins via code. This is a more advanced analogue of the BTC-E codes implemented on the blockchain. In summary, everything that ATB Coin has from the beginning will provide a wide field for application in Smart Contracts, which is already used in different spheres of business and everyday life."

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