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OneLedger Price and Market Stats

Harga OneLedger
Harga OLT $0,01922162
ROI OneLedger -62.8%
Kap Pasar $8.353.752
Dominasi Kap Pasar 0,00%
Volume Perdagangan $492.466
Volume / Kap Pasar 0.059
24j Rendah / 24j Tinggi $0,01741225 / $0,01985022
7h Rendah / 7h Tinggi $0,01570280 / $0,01984182
Peringkat Kap Pasar #1168
Tinggi Sepanjang Waktu $0,06537918 -70.7%
Jul 19, 2018 (hampir 3 tahun)
Rendah Sepanjang Waktu $0,00168402 1039.3%
Mar 13, 2020 (sekitar 1 tahun)
Pengungkapan afiliasi
# Bursa Pasangan Harga Sebaran Kedalaman +2% Kedalaman -2% Volume 24 jam Volume % Terakhir Diperdagangkan Skor Kepercayaan
0,0000003257 BTC
0.58% $977 $9.041
10432565,303 OLT
40,65% Barusan
0,01889 USDT
0.99% $8 $70
3524331,000 OLT
13,51% Barusan
0,019656 USDT
3.74% $555 $8
2477731,000 OLT
9,88% Barusan
0,019073 USDT
1.05% $148 $173
633652,406 OLT
2,45% Barusan
0,0000048 ETH
4.17% $0 $0
3897463,348 OLT
15,59% Barusan
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Tentang OneLedger

Harga OneLedger untuk hari ini adalah $0,01922162 dengan volume perdagangan 24 jam sebesar $492.466. Harga OLT turun -3.0% dalam 24 jam terakhir. Terjadi peredaran suplai sebesar 430 Juta koin dan suplai maksimum sebesar 1 Miliar koin. KuCoin saat ini merupakan pasar paling aktif yang melakukan pertukarannya.

OneLedger enables you to focus building your business application through OneLedger modularization tools, which will communicate with OneLedger protocol using its API gateway. This mechanism will make your business application interact with different public and private blockchains synchronously through corresponding side chains implemented in OneLedger platform.

OneLedger defines a three-layer consensus protocol to enable more effective integration of different blockchain applications. Business logic can be implemented by the first layer – a configurable role-based consensus protocol leveraging hierarchical grouping similar to the structure of Merkle Tree. The side chain consensus protocol can move consensus traffic from the main chain with public consensus to the side chain with high performance and efficiency. OneLedger block structure enables the synchronization and reference between the three-layer consensus.

The company works as a cross-ledger blockchain platform for people to make exchanges through business methodology. Not only that, but it’s also developed using the enterprise blockchain technology solutions that are running across the globe like something the world has never seen. One Ledger also operates as a powerful consensus engine that will help people with governance, so they can rest assured their transactions are being completed legitimately. The SDK on the platform is also highly customizable. And the platform, in general, is highly scalable and reliable.

The architecture of the One Leger is built around the focal point of building your business software through the One Ledger modularization tools. They are set up to communicate with One Leger’s advanced protocol via the unique API gateway used by the platform developers. The new method of operation is designed to make your business application work together with different private and public blockchains in synchronicity by way of side chains that work together and are implemented via the One Ledger platform. The platform is designed to help people in a wide range of different business models. People in finance, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing and just about anything else will benefit highly from the One Ledger protocol. It works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, HyperLedger and several other platforms.

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