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Streamr DATAcoin (Beam Updates)

🗓 We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming in 2019!
• New platform user pages
• Editor redesign
• New website with dev docs & user ed
• Community fund
• New integrations & libraries
• Newsletter
• The Trackr app MVP
• A new API explorer
• Community Products 👀

Need real-time crypto data? We have a new product on our Marketplace - DPP's exclusive edition of their DataStreams service. https://medium.com/streamrblog/dpp-datastreams-is-available-now-on-streamr-6398b0ded3c

Our Core app for prototyping and building with real-time data is out! If you a dev working in the data space, give it a try: https://medium.com/streamrblog/streamr-core-beta-launch-notes-14b0d2740a9c

🎙 @Crypto__101 spoke with @henripihkala and @shivmalik at #ETHDenver. Hear about the latest Streamr news and project developments (from 21:30): https://soundcloud.com/matthew-aaron-690749808/zilliqa-streamr-project-update

It is totally awesome to see real data (acceleration, brake pressure, steering angle) taken from an electric car as it flows through the @Streamr decentralized Network. Very soon drivers will be able to share/sell that data with anyone/anything in the world. #TIOTAchallenges 🤯

In this interview with @henripihkala, co-founder of @streamr, Disruptor Daily talks about:

✅ When you can expect to be able to sell your #data and how it will all work.
✅ Why the future of data sharing will be far brighter than the present.


#DApp builders! Looking for a piece of open source software that allows your platform to revenue share, or distribute payments to millions of users in seconds? Try this out: https://medium.com/streamrblog/monoplasma-revenue-share-dapps-off-chain-6cb7ee8b42fa

We're proud to launch the new Streamr API Explorer! Experiment with the Editor Canvases, data streams, Marketplace products and more from an easy to use dashboard designed to query our RESTful API from inside the browser. https://bit.ly/2CU0Zey #dApps #ethereum

We've started 2019 as we mean to go on! Read what the technical team have been working on in January's packed dev update from @WeileiY. https://medium.com/streamrblog/dev-update-january-2019-4623372ec8ba

Welcome to #crowdselling; the #Streamr project’s forthcoming feature which allows people to sell their personal data from any application or gadget. #digitalethics https://medium.com/streamrblog/community-products-crowdselling-big-data-iot-blockchain-streamr-fbaa794c7bc9

DATA is now available to trade with zero maker fees on @Ethfinex. Head to https://www.ethfinex.com to take full advantage.

Excited to be currently testing the upcoming @streamr P2P Network version on @USNRL's CORE emulator. 150 nodes in 15 cities around the world, with realistic latencies modeled after ping statistics from @wondernetwork. https://twitter.com/henripihkala/status/1085902939896627201

@ElectrifyAsia just integrated an initial solar powerpod generator with @streamr, Now you can see in realtime when it is generating electricity via canvas link below. We Can't wait until their whole powerpod network is integrated. Kudos to their CTO Sean Eu. Explore the data here: https://www.streamr.com/canvas/embed/vyZCam88QgSL5oHFCkZsqw3t-YbFMxRp6Z1YzHyH0woA?addStream=l6cEjmLiSduHXwrX4qKrdQ

We hope you've had a great Christmas!

Watch @henripihkala talk about the future of #Streamr and answer community questions about the Network and use cases for the platform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr6q2c6riTs&feature=youtu.be&t=1224

💪 Learn how to sell your @FitbitUK data on the #Streamr Marketplace with this app and simple tutorial from @netting_man.

Another important step towards YOU monetising your #data! https://bit.ly/2PRrZQp #Wearables #DApps #Ethereum

We're excited to announce the #Streamr Community Fund! You can now propose and allocate tokens to initiatives that promote our tech or grow our reach.

Read how here! https://bit.ly/2BuLHfv

You can now use #Streamr tools to monitor the hourly #London #airpollution levels from 102 locations in the city. Thanks RP for the great tutorial and @LondonAir for supplying the #data. #DApps https://www.reddit.com/r/streamr/comments/a5ue37/hourly_air_pollution_data_from_102_locations/

Do we have major new enterprise relationships which we haven’t announced? Yes we do! Watch our head of partnerships, Ben Sheppard explain more:

#Streamr marketplace, editor and tools are getting a brand new look and unified, intuitive feel in early 2019! https://medium.com/streamrblog/streamr-product-design-ux-2019-preview-realtime-data-69f3dd908512

We're proud to announce three new integrations into the #StreamrMarketplace today. See how @atmotrack, @cryptoquote_io, and @tradermade are using our #realtimedata platform & how you can connect your data too.

Check out our Cold Chain Monitoring Tutorial here: https://youtu.be/GfHQmVg-Elw

We're excited to sponsor @EthereumDenver this Feb 15-17. CEO Henri Pihkala will take to the stage and the #Streamr team will host a workshop to present our products to the #Ethereum #developer community. See you there! https://www.ethdenver.com/

We're having a #StreamrXmasLDN meetup! Join us 18th December 18:30 GMT as we recap the year and look ahead to 2019. @henripihkala will host a live streamed #StreamrAMA so please send us your questions.

Register here with @wearekickback! https://kickback.events/event/0x7fd21553aa5948cc5e416b0bdb32d7eda95f3120

Streamr is in #Lapland for today's #IATAhackathon. Here's what you need to know.

About the event: https://bit.ly/2QuahH8

Our involvement: https://bit.ly/2KowiS6

Github tools & resources: https://bit.ly/2AirTvc

Cold chain monitoring tutorial: https://youtu.be/GfHQmVg-Elw

Awesome #TrustedIoTAlliance #mobility #hackathon in Frankfurt with @BoschGlobal @fetch_ai @riddleandcode @streamr and many others #data #innovation #ai #blockchain https://twitter.com/carlrodrigues/status/1065972467095736320