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Syscoin (Beam Updates)

After over a year of interoperability research and development, and months of internal testing, we are thrilled to announce the trustless Syscoin Bridge with Ethereum is live on testnet and open to the public! Read all about it here: syscoin.org/news/its-time-to-cross-the-bridge

Happy testing!

The Syscoin Weekly Update is here, bringing an extensive report on a recent trip to Shanghai Blockchain Week, a couple of great news articles, and the weekly AMA with Blockchain Foundry CEO, Dan Wasyluk https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-66

The Syscoin Weekly Update is out: catch the regular team updates + Dan speaks at the Greek cryptocurrency meetup, and news on events, listings and articles https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-65

The Syscoin Weekly is out! With updates from the teams working on Syscoin, LODE wallet moves into beta testing phase, and news about the Greek meetup https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-63

The Syscoin Weekly Update is out! Featuring a new screenshot of the forthcoming mobile wallet, some great articles, and news on the Syscoin-sponsored Greek crypto meetup https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-62

The Syscoin Weekly Update is out -- read on for a Bridge development update, and a report on SDMT's participation in the Netherland's largest podcast https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-61

In this week's Syscoin Update: The conclusion of the Ethereum Bridge bounty program, and we celebrate 5 years of Syscoin development! https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-60

The Syscoin Weekly is out, with updates on the Syscoin Bridge dev work, Block Party Amsterdam, and some great articles covering Syscoin's scalability solution. https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-59

The Syscoin Weekly Update is out! Catch up on the latest news including the StakeCube listing and a great article on Hackernoon https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-58

The Syscoin Weekly Update is out: The Foundation announce dates and procedures for the forthcoming Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge rollout, and community members add to the bounty program pot to offer a total of 632000 SYS (~$20k) for a successful hack of the bridge on testnet -- https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-57

Syscoin on Hackernoon: "Entangling Z-DAG Technology with Syscoin" https://hackernoon.com/entangling-z-dag-technology-with-syscoin-h31bh3dyi

In this week's Syscoin Update: SYS added to the Bitcoin Rush gambling platform, 200k bounty offered for finding a vulnerability in the Syscoin Bridge, and could Syscoin be the answer to Vitalik's scaling callout? https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-56

Place Your Bets! Bitcoin Rush has partnered with the #Syscoin Foundation to add Syscoin to their casino and sportsbook gambling platform -- https://syscoin.org/news/bitcoin-rush-syscoin-integration

Some big Syscoin news this week: Blockchain Foundry have released a version of their Spark wallet with ZDAG enabled, allowing for lightning fast transactions with 10 second confirmation time. Read on for more info and to watch a video of a ZDAG transaction in real-time. https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-54

Read all the latest news from the Syscoin ecosystem in the Syscoin Weekly Update #53 https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-531

Syscoin 4.0 successfully launched, SDMT attend BlockNorth's Blockparty II, and Jag is interviewed on EventChain -- read on for more details and all the other Syscoin news this week! https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-weekly-update-51

The Syscoin 4.0 Launch was a Success! This blog post has all the info on the new tech features, as well as essential updates on other parts of the Syscoin ecosystem https://syscoin.org/news/syscoin-40-launches-with-two-new-desktop-wallets-and-a-blockchain-explorer

We have waited a long time to share this news and today we are delighted to be doing so! The Whiteblock Z-DAG analysis report is out and we invite you to read about the tests and find out what the transactions-per-second rate is for Syscoin Platform Tokens! We think you'll be as impressed as we are... https://syscoin.org/news/z-dag-performance-analysis

Syscoin Weekly Update #47: Important news on the forthcoming hardfork to Syscoin 4.0! https://medium.com/@syscoin/syscoin-community-update-47-4ca96567120f

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Our Weekly Update is out now, catch up on the latest news including SCMT attending BlockNorth's Block Party II, and a flurry of new exchange/app listings: https://medium.com/@syscoin/syscoin-weekly-update-45-63b6dbee739c

Read up on all the latest news from Syscoin HQ in our Weekly Update! This week: Blocknorth Block Party II in collaboration with the Syscoin Foundation, LODE and AGXPay thriving out in the wild, and some new exchange listings https://medium.com/@syscoin/syscoin-weekly-update-44-e38b8bb50345

Catch up on the latest Syscoin news in this week's update! Including: New Foundation bank account which will enable all kinds of real-world business interactions; LODE European Tour; Some new listings, and the usual #dantime round-up https://medium.com/@syscoin/syscoin-weekly-update-43-6714e675f08a

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