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SmileCoin (SEC) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Crypto Payment Gateway for Business 🧾
#SEC #SmileCoin #token #Cryptocurrency #payments

An update regarding the Output Claim Delegation Proposal currently in discussion phase has just been published on Reddit 🗒

- Discussion phase ends this Friday
- Voting interval (vote start and end block numbers) to be communicated on Friday
- Important to pre-schedule voting for those who want to vote

✅ Full update here:

✅ The proposal here:

We've been working intensely on a secret project these past few weeks that could seriously boost demand for $smart and $bc

More to come soon. Stay tuned!

We are working on a new BeeHive release that fixes some chat glitches.

We hope to have it out this week.

SmileCoin (SEC) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Crypto Payment Gateway for Business 🧾
#SEC #SmileCoin #token #Cryptocurrency #payments

🎊 We’re excited about the release of $DECL 🎊

This exclusive trading tool has enabled trading for $PIT and other assets whose prices contain 8+ decimals. Get more details:

Start trading the $PIT/$DECL pair:

Dear CoinMarketAlert users,
As a consequence of the increasing demand for our portfolio services, we have decided to make the following changes to our subscription plan. Silver plan will continue the free service until June 30, 2021. From that day on, both Gold and Silver plans will be replaced by one single subscription only.
To be able to please the high demand, we have decided to offer all services of CoinMarketAlert (GOLD) at a monthly subscription of CHF 3.00 (or CHF 30.00/year).

All things seem possible in May, as LiJun_Ontology was quoted in CNN Business recently, "#Cryptocurrencies are going to become even more important."

Check out the full April recap of #Ontology👇


New LP reward prograom launched on PancakeSwap this week! 🔥

- Program Starting: Tuesday, May 4th at 1 pm UTC.
- Duration: 5 weeks.
- Liquidity Pool: FUSE<>BNB
- Total Rewards: 55,000 FUSE.
- DEX: Pancake Swap.
- Platform: Binance Smart Chain.

Detailed guide 👉
Farming 👉

We are pleased to announce we hit our target for our crowdfund.

The team will now look for ways to create BEP20 / ERC20 wrapped COLX tokens, bringing COLX to Binance Smart Chain / Ethereum. Without our stellar community, we could not have done this, you made this happen! 💚

Dirty Finance (DIRTY) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Benefit from NFTs and DeFi trends 🍓
#DIRTY #DirtyFinance #token #defi #NFTs #farming

Dirty Finance (DIRTY) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Benefit from NFTs and DeFi trends 🍓
#DIRTY #DirtyFinance #token #defi #NFTs #farming

DigiByte is now available on

7b is a broker app where you can easily trade DGB.


Attention to all #Ethereum based tokens.

Create pools or new pairs of your #Eth tokens on our #defi platform for free (Blockchain fee applies).


Trading of #Ballswap #BSP can be seen here:

Dollar $ value will be updated soon.


Efinity Token (EFI), the native token of the upcoming Efinity NFT blockchain, has been generated.

Interested in knowing exactly what Fuse got up to in April? 🧐

April Newsletter 👉 🗞 Invite Your Community and Earn 18D Token to spend for marketing on 18digits and
#icos #ieo #tokensale #tokensales #nfts #defiprojects #definews #socialmediapromotion

ENJ included among 12 new assets being considered by Bitstamp

BANANO Contest: Wrap That Potassium (25k BAN Prize Pool!)

While everyone's excitedly waiting for wrapped BANANO to launch on Binance Smart Chain, here’s yet another fun community-organized BANANO contest: Wrap That Potassium!

Qawalla Token (QWLA) Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Govern Mutual Fund for Crypto 💼
#Qawalla #QWLA #token #mutualfunds #cryptocurrency

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