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"Learning more about Atala PRISM: Cardano's Digital Identity Management Solution"

In today's world, verifying your digital identity will be crucial for economic inclusion & access to government or business services.

Find out how Atala PRISM can build an ecosystem of trust between users and organizations:

"Rolling out Shelley and Preparing for Goguen"

ICYMI: Shelley lays the decentralized foundations for Cardano. Meanwhile, Goguen development continues apace. Starting to rollout Q4 2020, Goguen will empower our community to create new value, utility & adoption.

Learn more, fresh from the Cardano Virtual Summit:

SafeNodes are now Dockerized! Everything including the registration of a SafeNode. Safecoin too, of course :)
Thank you 3DA4C300 very much for your fantastic work on this!

Greetings, ZENZOnites!

We have just released the latest ZENZO Core v2.0 | Kiyori!

This is a MANDATORY UPDATE for all ZENZO Core users and the hardfork will commence at block 935,333. Please make sure you update to the latest release immediately and share with any friends that are running the wallet as well. Any questions will be addressed in the ZENZO Discord & Telegram.

Download ZENZO Core v2.0 | Kiyori:

Beam 2020 Week #28 - Lelantus MW

Breaking linkability is one of the central components of any privacy-dedicated network and this week's newsletter hopes to encourage full use of Lelantus Mimblewimble.
A call to unlink!

Team Beam

Take a gander at what Qtum has been up to these past three months, we've reached some milestones! 😁

With the recent ARK Desktop Wallet updates for v2.9.3, we want to go over some changes and features with a new walk through video.

Horizen's sidechain and scaling solution, Zendoo, is live on testnet! Zendoo is the first completely decentralized sidechain protocol on the market.

We are celebrating this huge achievement with a giveaway! Check out our Gleam page to enter.

Bounty Alert! New tasks are available on the HDE.

Task: Launch a sidechain
Bounty: 15 ZEN
Available bounties: 10

Horizen Early Adopters described the Zendoo SDK as easy to learn and use!

Learn more about the task on HDE.

The Horizen Feel the Shill sale is on now! Get your ZEN and crypto swag at 15% off until July 15th.


We have a new trading pair on Binance! ZEN:USDT pairs are now live.

Weekly Engineering Update:

- zendoo-sc-cryptolib and zendoo-mc-cryptolib: Improved security checks for some cryptographic primitives

- Documentation: Implementing an example of a customized sidechain: Car Registry

Weekly Engineering Update:

- zend_oo: Code review of pending mainchain tasks started - to be included in the next beta release

- Sidechain SDK: Worked on minor issues identified by the community. Changed internal structure of SidechainHistory. Improvements made to Sidechain Test Framework

- Sphere by Horizen: Code review of Sphere by Horizen MC to SC operations in full mode.

The new SmartRewards will be supported on Coinomi, Edge, Atomic Wallet, Pungo Wallet as well.

Activation would have to be done manually but it's pretty straightforward and only takes a few seconds. We'll put out video tutorials for each wallet showing how to do it.

Currently our SmartRewards yield little over 1%. The Yearly Yield will change SIGNIFICANTLY following our 1.3 Phoenix release later this month.

We expect Ellipal Wallet to be the $smart mobile wallet of choice for SmartRewards, making activation easy with the push of a button.

What’s next 🤔?
- Trading competition (#Bitball #BTB)
- Exchange listings.
- Development in progress.
Updates 📣
- Instant 0x #Dex integrated (Phase1)
- Giveaways, #Airdrop (#Dogecoin).
- Top scorer Competition on Telegram.
- Press release TBA.
#Crypto #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Btc

🤝Introducing a new IQeon partner – media portal Castle Crypto!

Thanks to the new partnership, thousands of developers and fans of crypto games will be able to learn more about gaming PvP platform, as well as always stay abreast of its important updates and receive the latest news on new products developed by the team.


Announcing ENJ as a Bancor V2 launch pool, powered by Chainlink's new ENJ/ETH price oracle:

Our COO @czhuling will join the #Binance 'Off the Charts' Live Panel! Don't miss it!

Topic: Emerging Applications for Blockchain and Crypto

See you on Tuesday 14th July, 19:30 (11:30 AM UTC)

Rubric: Ecological holidays and animal days
Holidays in July
From July 12 to July 14 - Fjordens Dag.
This is an international holiday of the Scandinavian countries, in which the fjords are found in abundance. It has been held annually since 1991, in order to attract public attention to the state of coastal waters.
More info

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