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DigiByte is now listed on Nigeria's leading exchange

Trading pairs: DGB/NGN, DGB/BTC, DGB/BPY

Press release:


Thanks to @Cointelegraph report on QuarkChain's partnership with the ecological department of Northeastern Chinese province. We set off to use heterogeneous sharding on more commercial applications.

Read the report on Telegram:

Can blockchain improve the chain of custody and authentication of digital evidence?

SatoshiClub AMA Transcript Published

The transcript of Particl's AMA with the Satoshi Club community is now available on their website.

Click the link down below if you've missed the AMA, or if you just want to read the answers back.

It's a great source of information about some of the most important questions about the Particl project, you may learn a thing or two!


Has anyone checked our main #BTB website yet?


While we work on our own #cryptocurrency exchange ( with main pairs of #Bitcoin #btc #Ethereum & #Bitball Treasure #BTRS, we have also integrated an instant dex to our main website.
More updates to come.


ENJ aims to revolutionize the $50 billion digital goods market. Here's how:

Great news for all talented, curious, and keen individuals from all around the world who are passionate about blockchain and want to make a difference in their local community! æternity's global #æmbassador's network is launching #æmbassies! What is it? Why joining? How to apply? Read all about it here:æmbassadorprogram

Friendly reminder that we are having an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with the LBRY CEO tomorrow, Thursday July 9th at 4PM ET (20:00 UTC).

You can post your questions directly on LBRY at or on Reddit:

We'll also be taking questions live on Discord ( - #AMA channel to be created)

🚀 Band Protocol has strategically partnered with Waves Protocol, completing the integration of $BAND decentralized and customizable oracles for various Web 3.0 applications in the Waves ecosystem.

Official announcement 👉
Waves documentation 👉
Spread the word 👉

We are thrilled to announce that #aelf First BingoGame Public Test goes live today!

A Party with amazing Prizes!

There are only 40 places available for IOS on a first-come, first-served basis. And unlimited for Android.

Check out all the details:

1.3 Phoenix comes with SAPI (a decentralized SmartCash API), which will run on every SmartNode.

SAPI can give information like address balance, transactions for an address, sending transactions, or get information that core clients can provide without running a Smart node.

The transaction fee will be reduced to 0.0001 from 0.001 in our Phoenix release, allowing you to move smaller amounts more easily and make things like tipping more fun.

A spork will enable future SmartCash fee changes on the fly without the need for a disruptive hard fork.

Groestlcoin $GRS is now listed on WazirX

You can buy, sell and trade $GRS in their $USDT market.

Trading will go live later today:
With a highest trader contest:

Airdrop coins Helpico!
1. Download the Helpico wallet, get - 0.5 Helpico;
2. Publish a message on any social network, get - 1,5 Helpico;
3. Publish a detailed article on any social network, get - 3 Helpico.
More info

"Cardano Virtual Summit 2020 Recaps: Charles Hoskinson’s Closing Keynote - 03/07/2020"

The following is a distillation of the closing keynote speech from Charles Hoskinson at the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020: Shelley Edition.

"We’d like to thank everyone for coming to the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020: Shelley Edition..."

Watch the video and read it all here:

We want to give our sincerest appreciation to the ambassadors who supported #QuarkChain in the past month! Thanks to @FORZAZTOTTI @Monkeyboy005 @buqm86 @gamals202 @NZaburov

How to become one of the $QKC Global Ambassadors? Click here to learn more:


BitMax will list FIO Protocol (FIO) under the trading pair of FIO/USDT:

Trading to start on 7/9 10AM EDT.


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