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🛡 PirlGuard — Innovative Solution against 51% Attacks 🛠

PirlGuard — Innovative Solution against 51% Attacks

SIERRA launches voting for new logo 25.11.2018-01.12.2018
💡In December will be presented:
🆕Wallet & Logo rebranding
🆕New website
🆕New Roadmap v2.0 for 2019
Applications for new logo are accepted until 25.11.2018 00:00 UTC


📣📺 With the introduction of #LIPs, we’re laying a strong foundation for our network's Development Roadmap. We look forward to working together with the community in an open-source and collaborative manner. 💪➡️

🗳 Along with the unveiling of our brand new Development Roadmap, we’re pleased to announce the beginning of the Lisk Improvement Proposal (LIP) process. Visit the blog below for more info.👩‍🔧👨‍🔧⛓

The entire team at GIVES FOUNDATION would like wish everyone in the community a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today I will be going around to less fortunate homes and delivering them meals on behalf of a homeless shelter and GIVES here in my area! This is what GIVES is all about, giving back to those that are not as fortunate and supporting charity any chance we get. Thank you to the entire team as well as the community, and I hope everyone enjoys their day!!

📺🚀 The new Development Roadmap paves the way for #Lisk to become the most accessible and desirable #blockchain application platform. Here are Max and Oliver detailing our strategic plan for achieving the end goal. Watch now:

🚀 We’re extremely pleased to unveil the new #Lisk Development Roadmap - a solid trajectory of objectives and phases that will lead us to the end goal of a fully functioning #blockchain application platform. Here’s everything you need to know. 🌕👩‍🚀👨‍🚀

**New Exchange listing will be announced in the next couple days!**

Cryptology is pleased to announce that AgentMile (ESTATE) will be launched exclusively on Cryptology Exchange on Friday, 23st November, 6pm (GMT+8) / 10am (UTC), marking their first-ever exchange listing.

Learn more:

Join Cryptology Referral Scheme today. Invite Friends & Earn Bonus - up to 30% trading fee!

Find out more here:

Read the latest Byteball news: Delta listing

Some days we were talking to electronic superstars, other days we needed to survive bike hits and Uber crashes just to get to a meeting! One thing's for sure, Amsterdam Dance Event wasn't boring 💥

Hi guys, we are SCRY.INFO, being happy to join CoinGecko! Hope you can interact with us anytime, please support SCRY.INFO and DDD!

VAULT - Referral Code launched!

Interested in how Peercoin's hybrid PoS/PoW will impact the environment and scale as cryptocurrency use increases? Read below:

Thanks to ETERBASE for listing DigiByte with trading pairs BTC, ETH, TUSD, and EUR pairs. ETERBASE, a regulation-compliant European bank-grade #cryptocurrencyexchange, will go fully live in April 2019.

Give us a feedback. Vote on our poll about the current needs of Emerald Crypto on Twitter.

In this week's Syscoin Update: 'Blockchain Swaps' - a new proof-of-concept web-based marketplace running on Syscoin Platform, and news of the LODE webinar and Reddit AMA!

Dash Core v0.13 has been introduced to testnet! Read about the features in the Product Brief and participate in testing

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