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Notifiche direttamente dai team di questo progetto.

We're setting up and testing the network for the next 24 hours. Most likely everything will be back to normal within 24-48 hours.

Hello Electronians! Great news: ETNX/BTC ETNX/ETH pairs will open soon on Finexbox exchange!

Hey Pulse community, huge news: ETNXP/BTC ETNXP/ETH ETNXP/LTC ETNXP/DOGE pairs will open soon on Finexbox exchange!

We are excited to inform you of our newest Price Alert called: "Recent High or Low Price Alert"?

This alert allows you to select multiple coins and receive alerts when those coins prices reach above or below their 24 hour, 7 day or 14 day highest or lowest price. You can find the new alert here:

A new release of our #software is available for #Windows, #Ubuntu, and #macOS.

#ConcealNetwork $CCX #Crypto #Blockchain #BeYourOwnBank

Great chat between Josiah Spackman (DigiByte Foundation) and Robert Beadles (Crypto Beadles)
about DigiByte ! They talked about DigiAssets and how it'll solve ticket scalping, helping the music industry, solve overbooked flights and more, all on the DigiByte Blockchain.
Check it out here:

Check out Zcoin's Development Update:
AMD miner, Sigma, Lelantus, Themis and Trezor Blockbook integration.

With 0.13 successfully released we are thrilled to announce that 0.14 will include ChainLocks. This is a crucial update to the Dash Network and will make us uniquely protected against 51% attacks. -Bob Carroll
For more information about ChainLocks:

What better to have our release updated ahead of time, now registration is OPEN. We have activated registration on Electronero mobile applications early for you all to have a look, and provide feedback!

Download Electronero mobile application now on Google Play
iOS App Store Connect

We have a new LBRY Desktop app release to share with you! 0.27.0 completes our redesign phase, allows you to verify your email address directly on, features a new upgrade reward for existing users, and includes a LBRY SDK upgrade for increased stability.

Check out the blog post here for all the details:

Download on or on github:

New at scrypt mining? Do you have a tiny miner and looking for a low difficulty mineable coin? Try #Emerald #Crypto $EMD and get your first experience in mining. Visit

The Abyss ( $ABYSS ) is now available on Kyber Network.

ABYSS is accessible through KyberSwap and other platforms that are tapping into our on-chain liquidity protocol.

Find out more:

Basic Setup Guide has been updated to include blockchain resyncing. Please feel free to reference/share as needed. And of course, we are always open to suggestions/requests!

Forward, always!

$RADS $BTC #radium #bitcoin #blockchain #fintech #crypto #support

2018 has been a phenomenal year for Nexo and for our community of happy customers, investors, and partners. It is our firm belief that 2019 will be even better. The Nexo Team is invigorated by the success and inspired to surpass all your expectations!

We now have a TipBot on Telegram which will be used to give out the weekly prizes for our weekly games. If you haven't joined our channel on Telegram, make sure you do and don't forget to participate in our weekly games for cash prizes!

Groestlcoin have been kindly added to CryptoCrowns! An online cryptocurrency casino. GRS promo codes have also been provided to get some free GRS! You can find them on their Twitter feed and

⭐️We are excited to share that Lethean has officially been listed on TOKOK Exchange⭐️
The exchange was recently added to coinmarketcap with a reported daily volume of 85m USD

At this time, trading is available with a LTHN/BTC pair.
We are very pleased with their enthusiasm regarding our project!

Zcoin (XZC) is now trading on CoinEx with a BCH and BTC pair!

Switcheo X SDUSD Trading Competition

Stand a chance to win from 800,000 SDS, 1,000,000 SWTH & 500 NEO worth of prizes!

For more information:

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