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IPFS integration into the SmartChain Zero Client coming along nicely. This is an IPFS profile picture of our lead dev @JJ12880 being rendered within the Zero Client UX and its just the very beginning. Forward, always! $RADS $BTC #radium #bitcoin #blockchain #fintech #crypto

You can now create photos and videos featuring blockchain-based augmented reality characters! We’re excited to share that VREX Lab is adopting the Enjin Platform for Dyverse, a marketplace where users can trade blockchain-based AR characters and items. Dyverse users will be able to interact with their blockchain items via Kydy, a mobile app the enables users to create and send AR content on social media, messaging platforms, and more.

HARA Initial Token Sale Starting Soon!

The sale will commence on Tokenomy Launchpad on the 21st January 2019, 10:00 (GMT +8) to 30th Jan, 2019, 10:00 (GMT +8).

Token Price: 1 HART = 0.00015937 ETH
Cap: 17,640,000 HART
Tokens for Sale: TEN, ETH, BTC, USDT
Minimum Contribution: Pegged at 0.5 ETH

Bonus Structure: Contribute by using TEN to receive a bonus of 5% extra tokens!

Read more:

🔉Updates to Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork on Tokenomy Exchange🔉

A security vulnerability is found in the latest Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork, which might affect smart contracts. The Ethereum Core Developer team has decided to postpone the Constantinople Hard Fork until further notice.

Tokenomy will attempt to align itself with the core development and act accordingly to cancel or postpone the Constantinople Hard Fork.

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📣 PXG Trading Competition

Unveiling the top 10 reigning traders from the first week of the contest!

Think you got what it takes to join the list above? Continue trading on Tokenomy Exchange (PXG/BTC) to stand a chance to win up to 300,000 PXG! Contests closes on 6th FEB 2019!

Head down to these links for more information:

Trading Competition Page:

Leaderboard Page:

Today, Wanchain is excited to celebrate turning one year old. Our blockchain's genesis block was created exactly one year ago. Please see this video from our Founder and CEO Jack Lu, along some reflections on this fantastic year.

In 2018 we launched two space-based blockchain nodes and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2019! You can track our second node as it orbits the earth. VIDEO NODE

SHMN will be listed on cryptrade exchange. We won the competition by becoming position 3. Great times ahead of us.

Catch up on all the latest Syscoin news in our Weekly Update, including news on the Syscoin+Blocknorth partnership!

Merhaba #Türkiye!

#ConcealNetwork $CCX NEDİR?

BTC Lite is available on Coinmarketcap!

From Blockchain to real world. If we add Chameleon to the I/O Coin ecosystem you get Blockchain to the real world. Fast transactions, store data and terminal access point. Global usage. Since 2014 we are on it! This Friday on stage in Miami to reveal the Chameleon Scientific Whitepaper with a new approach on global multi-million transactions a day ledger payment system. See

❗️ Mid-monthly update! ❗️

Full Client VPN Creation Underway ✈️

An interesting analysis by BitMex.

Fun Fact: Radium has been in development for nearly 4 years and continues to advance on a daily basis We have a working product that's being tested in production environments. We are here to stay. Not some fly by night ICO. We are also the only fair launch token amongst our direct competitors. No premine. No ICO. No presale. We encompass all of their primary technologies and more under a

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Augmentum incubator program.

Augmentum is a Ubiq community funded incentive program which encourages and assist fair launch, non-ICO token teams in swapping their token to the Ubiq network, allowing them to focus on building their application on a stable platform, reducing maintenance cost and developer time in running their own blockchain.

Read more about it here:

Conceal's main mission is to make #banking accessible to everyone regardless of their geographic location, race, faith or status. Our #blockchain is resistant to censorship. All your CCX transactions and messages are anonymous and untraceable.

We're setting up and testing the network for the next 24 hours. Most likely everything will be back to normal within 24-48 hours.

Hello Electronians! Great news: ETNX/BTC ETNX/ETH pairs will open soon on Finexbox exchange!

Hey Pulse community, huge news: ETNXP/BTC ETNXP/ETH ETNXP/LTC ETNXP/DOGE pairs will open soon on Finexbox exchange!

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