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We're excited to announce the #Streamr Community Fund! You can now propose and allocate tokens to initiatives that promote our tech or grow our reach.

Read how here!

You can now use #Streamr tools to monitor the hourly #London #airpollution levels from 102 locations in the city. Thanks RP for the great tutorial and @LondonAir for supplying the #data. #DApps

#NEM Blockchain onboarding combined with #ReasonML crash course! Read more👇

SmartCard fiat settlement is now live in Brazil. Switzerland & Sri Lanka to follow!

#SmartCard operates completely free of the legacy payment networks with near zero fees, UNIQUE in the #cryptocurrency world.

We are proud to announce our core developer team X9 Developers are working with the Litecoin Foundation on the collaborative development, debugging and maintenance of Lightning Network. Read the full announcement here:

WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) Progress Update
Hi everyone, we would like to share an update regarding the technical, ecosystem and governance progress of WBTC. Read about the first WBTC token minted and burnt, additional launch partners, DAO workflow, and more!

Read here:

Dear Auxilium community,
Slight change of plans concerning the video. We'll publish a FAQs page on our website ( today. Video will be published later. Please read the full announcement here:
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team

Please take this opportunity to influence our distribution methods! Read this article and then join the discussion on our subreddit

Maecenas is exploring the #NEMecosystem to evaluate the feasibility of using our platform for the tracking of provenance and the tokenization of artworks. At an initial phase, they will start working on integrating $XEM into the #Maecenas platform as a payment method. Kudos to NEM Singapore!

Pay with Marcelo MRL tokens for Ethereum Cloud Mining Contracts.
From January 2019 we will accepting Marcelo Tokens as a payments method for our Ethereum Cloud Mining Contracts.
By accepting MRL as payment method we will provide liquidity for our community and all token holders. Also MRL token will be listed on bigger and better exchanges in 2019 and we believe more listing can help people get access to our Cloud Mining Contracts.

If your're ever looking for ARK information, a link or anything ARK related. Check out for an extremely extensive collection of everything ARK.

Watch #NEM Southeast Asia Regional
Head Stephen Chia’s interview with #GITEX Live. Check it out👇

🚩The swap is DONE on our side!
Follow this guideline to connect to TomoChain mainnet
If you keep TOMO on exchanges supporting mainnet (Kucoin, Gate, Kkcoin, Cryptology, Hotbit), please contact their admins regarding the swap and trading activity.
Once you got TOMO native, you can start voting/staking, setting up your node or moving them around.
How to vote on TomoMaster via TomoWallet (video)

Malaysia’s Ministry of Education has made final decision on utilizing #NEM blockchain to verify ligitimacy of courses being offered by universities. Read more👇

Mithril has already been listed on 30 exchanges and dedicated to building up Mithril Ecosystem.
Latest exchange updates here:

We are glad to hear that Raisex has listed DigiByte with DGB-BTC pair.

Monero is now available at 32 SatoshiPoint cryptocurrency ATMs in the UK!

LBRY's Development Update is out! Huge update including news on Android app, LBRY on the web, video streaming, white paper, hardware wallet integration, and much more!

Dear miners! In the lights of the upcoming holidays, we decided to reduce the pool fee to 5%!
The change will be made in the coming Friday, after making payments. #sedo_pow_token #sedocoin

SmartCash SmartTalk Radio E04 - Trace Mayer and Proof of Keys

Host Chris "Zaphoid" Karabats interviews guest Trace Mayer about his Proof of Keys initiative and several things crypto philosophy and tech related.

Learn More about Trace at: The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast ( and Proof of Keys (

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