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Notifiche direttamente dai team di questo progetto.

The integration of Nexo's tax-efficient instant crypto lending services within the Hodler App is yet another fine achievement for the 'NexoEverywhere' campaign!

In case you missed it, Radium will be attending the 2019 Synapse Summit in Tampa, FL. We'll have a booth, some awesome merchandise, and you'll get to meet the team, face to face! More info here:

Very happy with our listing on Finexbox!
You can trade AUX against BTC at:
Finexbox on Coingecko:
AUX is now listed on five cryptocurrency exchanges in the 4 months we have been trading.

New social for russian community:

#sedo_pow_token #sedocoin #mining #blockchain #dms #document_management_system_based_on_blockchain #vk #vkontakte

Some updates on the main site:
- subscription, weekly newsletters to yours mail;

#sedo_pow_token #sedocoin #mining #blockchain #dms #document_management_system_based_on_blockchain

We're excited to announce we have been listed on: Cryptocompare, Feixiaohao, Cryptoslate, Coincheckup and Coinlore.

These cryptocurrency websites are also added to our website

We will try and add our newsfeed to the mobile apps Delta and Blockfolio soon. Both apps already show the price/trading feed.

A lot is happening these days!
We're excited to announce AUX is listed on cryptocurrency portfolio app BitUniverse and we'll work together with them soon to also integrate our newsfeed and logo within their application.

Auxilium trading has started on Nusa Exchange
You can trade AUX on the Bitcoin market:
Deposit AUX within seconds thanks to the speed of our blockchain.
Happy trading on Nusa Exchange!

OneGram $OGC Listed on Tradesatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange
You can now trade $OGC on $BTC $DOGE $LTC $USDT and $ETH base markets

Infinitus ( $INF ) will be available on Kyber Network starting from 8:08PM (GMT +8).

INF is accessible through KyberSwap and other platforms that are tapping into our on-chain liquidity protocol.

Find out more:

Switcheo Exchange USD Stablecoin - Community Poll

Switcheo Exchange is launching a stablecoin (USD) base pairing and you can vote for your favorite stablecoin to be added! Available choices are DAI, GUSD, PAX, TUSD and USDC.

Cast your votes with the form provided in this article:


Check out what the SpaceChain team has been up to the past week, right here:

DigiByte is now also listed on Nova Exchange!

Free Market Token brings a whole new #ecommerce experience through the #NEM #blockchain! Enjoy shopping and selling on with the rewards and protection that #FMT provides. Learn more👉

#FreeMarketToken #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects

Commuting doesn't have to be difficult! Connect with other people and share rides through #Mobi, a #NEM-powered ridesharing app that will make your commute much easier. Visit their website👉

#Blockchain #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects

Choice and #Origins are two startups based in Wellington that successfully received funding from the #NEM Community Fund earlier this year. Learn what they’ve been up to these past weeks👇

LYFE Tokens have been distributed! 🙌🏼

All LYFE Tokens from the Lyfe Token Sale have now been distributed. Please check you Tokenomy wallet to make sure you have received your tokens. Thank you for supporting this project!

For more information, visit Lyfe's website ( or Tokenomy Launchpad (

A quick preview of our VeriMobile wallet for VeriCoin and Verium heading into Beta shortly

A quick preview of our VeriMobile wallet for VeriCoin and Verium heading into Beta shortly

Change the consumer experience with the #Origins platform––a #NEM-powered supply chain analytics tool that aims to replace existing supply chain management solutions and third-party verifications with real-time, live data, and transaction history. Learn about their approved proposal:

#Blockchain #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects

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