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Questions are already rolling in for Friday’s #ama with the DADI senior team, don’t miss the chance to add yours to the list. Find us on Telegram (, Discord ( and Reddit (

Dash Core Group Q3 Quarterly Call is scheduled for Monday, November 12th, 5 PM UTC. You can watch live, or later at your convenience on our YouTube channel:

Hi everyone,
Join us at our 1-hour AMA with co-founders Jeff Garzik and Zee Zheng. Details below:

Date: Nov 14 (Wednesday)
Channel: EN community (

Language: English

Time: Depending on which timezone you’re in.
- 10pm Beijing Time, China (UTC+8)
- 11pm Seoul Time, Korea (UTC+9)
- 9am EST (UTC-5)
- 6am PST (UTC-8)
- 2pm (UTC)

Stake your CMA tokens and earn up to 10% staking rewards yearly

Full details on how to join our new token staking rewards program here:

Content Neutrality Network (CNN), EchoLink (EKO), Odyssey (OCN), Propy (PRO), Simple Token (OST), and Smartshare (SSP) are now available on Kyber Network.

These tokens are accessible through KyberSwap and other platforms that are tapping into our on-chain liquidity protocol.

Find out more:

Get the latest updates about SpaceChain here:

Dear Community,

Please see our response regarding the BITKER listing concerns.
This listing on an exchange located in one of the largest VPN markets will boost brand awareness and amount of #Lethean users.

We will continue putting efforts into more liquidity!

ShopZcoin Wallet V2.0 is now live on . It's come with Easy Payment, Notification, VIP & instant transfer with our brand new VIP system. You can enjoy the Luxury lifestyle and Extra Discount while purchasing via ShopZ.Store ( For any inquiry, you can email us via

Good news! open trading for XBTSX.KEC/XBTSX.BTC trading pairs:

We're looking forward for your feedback, please share your thoughts about our project!

Here is a transcript from our Team Q&A the other night! We enjoyed doing this and talking with everyone who joined in! We plan on doing this more and look forward to more community interaction!

*****This is your first clue for a chance to win a Raspberry Pi loaded with a Euno Masternode, That's 50,000 EUNO People !!!*****

Tick tock tick tock block time is here to stay, count the blocks and it will give you our first clue away!

Clue is in the image in below Tweet

Welcome to the Connect Community Reddit Page

Auxilium (AUX) is the coin of the philanthropic cryptocurrency company Auxilium Global. With the use of our unique and innovative technology we aim to solve the world's ills. Auxilium POA has many advantages over tradition POW and POS cryptocurrencies.

Check out our video!

Dear PAWS Community,

We would like to announce that PAWS is now listed on the AceD dashboard with its 12,500+ community members.

AceD is developing a privacy-orientated multi-use platform where the possibilities are endless. AceD Streaming, AceD Gaming Hub and AceD Dashboard are just the beginning of the AceD Ecosystem.

A sad story from the world of cryptocurrencies was Cryptsy Exchange.
Did you loose EMD funds on the Cryptsy exchange on 2015 ?
Are you interested to know what was happend with your funds ?
Then you should visit our Cryptsy Wallet Analysis

You will really wonder !

TBE token is undergoing the swap process. TBE holders are requested to swap their old TBE tokens with the new TBE token.

Recent update:

Great news!! We are listed on Coinpaprika.

We are pleased to be a part of the CoinGecko Beam. This is a great platform to share information about our project TowerBee.

DeepOnion is having excellent progress on the code rebase. PoW and PoS have been fully ported. We are now implementing the remaining DeepOnion features. We're currently testing and debugging the core code which is fully ported to our blockchain. We are doing everything we can to make sure we do not need a hard fork.

Visit DeepOnion at to learn more about us.

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