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Which country comes to your mind if you think of the most crypto-friendly one? Singapore, Estonia, Malta. What about South Korea? Our analytical team made a report to examine the Korean market and identify the main trends. Read about the findings and download the full report:

New Token Listing and Christmas Promotion! 🎄

We are very excited to announce that Loopring Tokens (LRN) will be coming soon to Tokenomy Exchange on December 20th!

In celebration of the festive season, we will also be holding a special Christmas promotion. Hold 2500 LRN & 2500 TEN in your Tokenomy wallet to enjoy zero trading fees for 30 days!

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Don't miss out, XCard's Token Pre-Sale starts in just 3 days! For one week only from 17th-24th December, enjoy our Christmas Special and recieve up to a 10% bonus when you purchase MBM on Tokenomy Launchpad! (

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BTC Lite (BTCL) can now be traded on saturn network DEX. Trade directly from your ethereum wallet on this exchange!

Trade BTCL now!

Switcheo Lists IceChain Token (ICHX), Republic Protocol (REN), TE-FOOD (TFD)

3 new tokens have been added to Switcheo Exchange! Trade these coins on the world's preferred non-custodian exchange! For more listing details, visit:


Long-awaited and exciting day has come!
💻Today will launch a new website and presents a Roadmap v2.0
🔝SIERRA will soon also be presented at MNO
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How to claim art on the #blockchain? Watch this demo of LuxTag Co-Founder Jeff McDonald and interdisciplinary artist Poesy Liang to know the answer!👇

Buying property can now be hassle-free, all thanks to MHub! This NEM-powered platform closes gaps in property sales cycle and directly connects property sales teams, real estate agents, and bankers. To learn more, visit their website👉

#NEM #Blockchain #Mhub #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects

Ukraine: First attempt at e-voting

“Thanks to the wonderful team of NEM Ukraine for creating an e-vote test on their #blockchain. Those interested in the latter can participate. This vote is taking place within the famous #NEM blockchain platform.” — Oleksandr Stelmakh, CEC (Central Election Commission)

Full post below👇

QuarkChain Biweekly Report is coming. ( Testnet 2.0 mining event is on, and you can download qPocket Wallet now! Click to see our new partnership. Dr. Zhou will have AMA this Saturday. Ask anything you wanna know!

Welcome QuarkChain global ambassadors! ( They will work with the team to build exclusive communities in different countries or regions, and jointly create and share future value growth.

We’re excited to announce the release of LBRY Clarke, the newest, fastest ever version of the LBRY app. You can read all the details here:

On Desktop. you'll notice overall speed and design improvements, a revamped subscription area, new sharing features and ability to redeem reward codes. On Android, you'll see a tipping feature and speed improvements!

Here's a special code for Coinbeam users: clarke-beam

Make sure to redeem before it runs out!

Syscoin Weekly Update #30 is out! This week: @lode_one token generation event, SYSIO V1.0 release, Developer call with @The_Blocknet, and more!

Arepacoin $AREPA Listed on Tradesatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange
You can now trade $AREPA on $BTC $DOGE $LTC $USDT and $ETH base markets

Mobile mining via Discord will launch in a few hours! All you have to do is join, sign up if you don't have an account already, verify your phone number, and choose a lucky avatar!

Ravencoin $RVN Listed on Tradesatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange
You can now trade $RVN on $BTC $DOGE $LTC $USDT and $ETH base markets

#Landstead helps to create a registry of land and property that allows government and citizens to co-create an open #blockchain system that interested parties can trust and consult. Know more about what it can do👉

#NEM #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects

The NEM Australia Team (Jian Chan & Raph Fernandez) recently travelled to #Malaysia to visit the NEM Blockchain Centre and meet the team. Read more 👇

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