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We have just added new merchandise to our online shop just in time for Christmas!!

You will find item's such as t-shirts, hoodies , hats, pillows, phone cases and even dog bandannas!!

We’re thrilled to announce that EUNO is live on BitUniverse Link!
All the latest Euno Coin updates and news will now be directly available on the BitUniverse App!!

Follow us on Link to get the latest updates on EUNO !!

We’re delighted to announce that EUNO is live on Delta Direct!

All the latest EunoCoin updates and news will now be directly available on the Delta app!

🌟 In our December report, we highlight some of the key achievements that we have achieved together as a community, events that we've been to, as well as the key developmental highlights that have been made on our platforms.

In addition, we also list a few ongoing and upcoming events that you can look forward to in this coming month!

Hop on over to read more:
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The Lyfe Token Sale has Concluded! 🎉

We are very pleased to announce that Lyfe's Token Sale has successfully concluded! Lyfe has reached 94% of the hard cap, and a total of 8,729,173,382 LYFE Tokens have been sold during the Token Sale Period. Thank you to the community for your support!

For more information:
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🌟TokenMarket Presents: “An Introduction to Security Token Offerings”

TokenMarket, our European partner, will be holding an inagural meetup in Singapore!

Join us for complimentary drinks, food and discussion around how the development of Security Tokens can help revolutionise the securities market as we know it. We look forward to seeing you there!

More Details:
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Grab the latest SpaceChain news in the weekly report.

For our latest distribution, Byte holders can receive rewards just for holding Bytes. It is like a lottery, but you don’t need to buy a ticket, just prove your existing balance. To play, add the Draw Airdrop bot from the Bot Store inside your Byteball wallet and follow the instructions. Good luck!

Make your #blockchain learning curve steeper! Learn how to code on blockchain with Devslopes!

#NEM #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects

Check out this guide on how to send your KAYA mosaic tokens to your wallet address. Thanks to LATTICE80 for this turorial!

If you want to carry out an #ICO and launch your #blockchain business, #COMSA can and will help you with everything you need. To know more, visit their website at 👉

#NEM #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects

Watch #LatiNEM’s episode on how #NEM is ideal for the traceability of any product + NEM Ukraine’s #CryptoHeroes project + an interview with the NEM #Thailand Head Laura Takenaka. 👉

NEM in Action: Beatty Secondary School - Work Attachment Program:

(c) NEM Singapore

Most blockchain networks do not support the platforms that matter most. At #Cache, they focus on developers to help them make the best business systems. As they say, it was built for businesses but designed for developers. Know more about them👇

#NEM #Blockchain #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects

Tonight - The Ultimate Nightlife Guide IS OUT NOW!!
Discover new events, explore real-time party hotspots, win tickets and skip the line!
Available in every major city in Europe! 🎉

OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet is up and running! OriginTrail is now bringing tangible benefits to global supply chains by providing a stable, decentralized network built for scalability and efficiency of data exchange with integrity. Read more:

We are happy to announce that TomoChain mainnet will officially launched on 14th Dec, 2018
CEO TomoChain Long Vuong said: "The mainnet launch is just a beginning for the next stage of building the TomoChain’s ecosystem. We're looking forward to welcoming new developers, entrepreneurs, and projects from all over the world to work with us in 2019"

There is a pile of good news NEM Ukraine has for the community! Check out all the updates the team has for all of us by clicking the link👉


Denarii and LoyalCoin wallets, both part of #NEMecosystem, are included on the must-have e-wallets list in the Philippines! 🇵🇭

ICYMI: This is a powerful video that highlights how the Crow Tribe is innovating with #blockchaintechnology and using it as a way to empower Crow citizens of all generations to build a stronger future. Credits to #He3Labs!

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