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Interested in how Peercoin's hybrid PoS/PoW will impact the environment and scale as cryptocurrency use increases? Read below:

Thanks to ETERBASE for listing DigiByte with trading pairs BTC, ETH, TUSD, and EUR pairs. ETERBASE, a regulation-compliant European bank-grade #cryptocurrencyexchange, will go fully live in April 2019.

Give us a feedback. Vote on our poll about the current needs of Emerald Crypto on Twitter.

In this week's Syscoin Update: 'Blockchain Swaps' - a new proof-of-concept web-based marketplace running on Syscoin Platform, and news of the LODE webinar and Reddit AMA!

Dash Core v0.13 has been introduced to testnet! Read about the features in the Product Brief and participate in testing

DigiByte will be live on BitUniverse starting November 24 !
BitUniverse is an all in one cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and trading terminal.
You will also receive DigiByte news & updates with their service called BitUniverse LINK.

‘Multi-Currency Wallet and Lightning Swaps - Stakenet Solution’. Read the full article to learn more about our upcoming wallet, Lightning Swap technology and Stakenet dx:

Introducing the Kyber Trading API! The REST API gives users access to our on-chain liquidity without requiring much smart contract experience. Applications written in a variety of programming languages can now integrate in a much simpler way than before!

Start building with Kyber 🛠

The Aptoide App Store just partnered with Unity Technologies making AppCoins an available payment option for all developers! Find more here:

The Sentinel Protocol AMA has come to an end! Thanks everyone for sending your questions across, while we were unable to answer all of them. The full AMA session can be found here, for further read:

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: QuarkChain Testnet 2.0 will be online and support mining. ( It improves the openness of the network, which includes opening the functions of accounting and verification to the community. Community members will get testnet tokens as the reward for mining, which can be converted to the QKC of the mainnet in a certain ratio after the launch of mainnet.

Hi everyone! Here’s our latest Community Update!

✅ Devcon4 recap
✅ Joining #DeFi
✅ Tokyo Blockchain Meetups
✅ Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Initiative

Read more here:

Hello ETNX & ETNXP community, this is Ky, Community Manager of ETNX and ETNXP.
We are glad to report everything is going smoothly, and normal operations should resume soon on exchanges and the mobile wallet.

If you have any questions for the team, please join us in Telegram or Discord, we are standing by to assist you.

ETNX Telegram:
ETNX Discord:

ETNXP Telegram:
ETNXP Discord:

HelloGold's thinking about Non-Fungible Token slutions to digitize gold:

HelloGold's Monthly Update for October 2018 is available on our Medium channel:

With the ARK core v2 launch, we are going to be releasing a new version of our Desktop Wallet as well. With new features, new design and more. Here is a small preview.

Join the tradingbattle on BiteBTC and win up to 50000 AUX!

In reply to the latest news.
Good to know our innovative Auxilium POA does not depend on mining (or staking). All AUX-holders (with AUX on a personal address) receive interest. Up to 8% per year. Offering a stable interest/incentive without the hassle. That's what you call a win-win. 👍

We recently attended the Bilbao Tech Week in Spain.
Our Core Blockchain Developer MICHAEL IEDEMA delivered a speech about Blockchain usage and Lethean!
Here it is:

Enjoy watching!

We are pleased to present our Impleum Technical White Paper v1.0
A white paper is an authoritative report that explains the benefits of Impleum Blockchain Platform. It combines expert knowledge and research into a document that argues for a specific solution that our platform provides.

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