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In 18 days (block ~496581) Verium will do his first and last halving ! Inflation will change from 20% to 2-3% and 1/10 parity with Vericoin will be reached ! Are you Ready ? I hope you have a good bag of $VRM !!
More Info about Supply and Inflation on our Wiki

In 18 days (block ~496581) Verium will do his first and last halving ! Inflation will change from 20% to 2-3% and 1/10 parity with Vericoin will be reached ! Are you Ready ? I hope you have a good bag of $VRM !!
More Info about Supply and Inflation on our Wiki

We're in final stages of building our BusyBee Task Auction Portal. How will that work? Just a few simple steps and you can get rewarded!

The various tasks will be grouped into different categories (development, testing, marketing, video, etc.)

All tasks are related to SmartCash and Bitcoin Confidential. Users will be able to receive rewards in $BC or $SMART coins.

Frisco d'Anconia @CryptoTraveler1 will be rejoining our Outreach team to produce video series on SmartCash and Bitcoin Confidential and as a @coinlance_news writer.

Frisco has been a freelance writer for Cointelegraph and other popular crypto online magazines.

ARK partner, Major League Hacking, is having a virtual workshop showcasing #ARK technology on August 5th 2020. Join at 10am EDT to Build a Blockchain Taco Shop!

Julian Chandra joins LBRY as our VP of Growth

It's time to take our marketing and branding to the next level 📈

Julian brings a wealth of experience as former Head of Partnerships for Tik Tok 🧠

He's already working on a top-secret project... 🤫


Atomars exchange listed ADAMANT Messenger (ADM). Trade now:
If you want to sign up on Atomars, all you have to do is confirm your email. What’s more, you can forget about KYCs altogether—there is no need to complete them on this platform.

MITH is listed on Swapzone
Details here:

48th cryptocurrency exchange listing confirmed!

We have confirmed another #crypto exchange listing for #Bitball #BTB in #Bitcoin #BTC & #USDT pairs.

Roger Ver of & Bitcoincash #BCH is the official advisor of this exchange with a strong team base based in Europe.

Staking is coming to Dusk Network

We all have roles to play within the Dusk Network and we’re inviting you to join us. In the coming weeks, pre-registration for staking opportunities will open, allowing DUSK token holders to fulfill the role of a node while reaping the benefits of participation.

Groestlcoin ($GRS) Gift cards available now in Australia!

Buy giftcards for Optus, Telstra, Amaysim, Boost Mobile and more with your $GRS !

Powered by PolisPay:

Creating a Masternode of
1. Download desktop wallet.
2. Buy 1008 Helpico Coins (list of exchanges is given on the site).
3. Create a virtual server.
4. To download the software to run Masternode Helpico (
Masternode reward - 50%.


Premier on Cloud-Powered Blockchain Solutions available now!🎬

Learn how blockchain fits into your business digitalization Journey.👣

More stories from here onwards! Let's go! 👫 @Huawei @HuaweiCloudAPAC

#aelfblockchain #aelftech #ELF #Blockchain3_0

Development Updates to see for yourself:

- New additions to the testnet explorer 🔭
- How to Setup a Super Staker & Delegate videos 📽️

Offline staking is going live in one month! 📅

Cardano Shelley Hardfork FAQ: all you need to know

Do you have questions for the coming hard fork? Please read through our FAQ here and post your questions in that thread if you have any. Thanks!

Go to the FAQ:

Welcome Nazim Faour to the Cardano Foundation!

Please welcome Nazim Faour! He joined the Cardano Foundation as a Technical Writer. He is based in Moscow, Russia, where he is doing his doctorate (PhD) in blockchain distributed systems security. A native of Aleppo, Syria, Nazim brings his deep blockchain experience and academic rigor.

Read all about Nazim here:

We've partnered with SwissBorg on a cross-game quest with $50,000 worth of prizes! Beginning August 3, embark on a journey through 8 blockchain games—and compete for a prize pool including 16 SwissBorg Premium Membership tokens.

Full details and timeline:

We are happy to announce that Merge is now listed on MasterNodes.Online (MNO) and Masternode Buzz!

Access the corresponding profiles below:

We would not have achieved this milestone without the support and contribution of our community members and investors ♡.

Find all the details on our latest blog post:


Companies like Walmart, Ford, Pfizer and Maersk are all utilizing blockchain technology. What does this mean and how does this affect you?

We are well on track to release our major 1.3 Phoenix update this week.

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