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'Banano Bites' Episode 9: BANANO Going Tiktok

Here’s another episode of ‘Banano Bites ‘ — BANANO’s video series! This time, it's all about BANANO Going Tiktok! Giveaway included!

Check it out here:

Yesterday we submitted our Great Reddit Scaling Bake-off proposal! We are offering Reddit three possible scaling solutions using Syscoin Platform - check out the summary here:

🔥 Hot news: The Auxilium Loyalty Platform

- Powered by Auxilium blockchain
- 1 AUX coin = 1 free AUXL token
- Pre-register: free Palladium membership
- Loyalty platform, marketplace, charity zone
- Crypto <> business integration


⛳️ Band Protocol is thrilled to share our update for July, a huge month working towards the launch of BandChain Phase 1 which includes full oracle functionality and showcasing over nine partnership developments!

Official announcement 👉

Upvote 👉

Join our Discord Channel if you have any questions about SmartCash 1.3 Phoenix Release:

The Phoenix has risen. Announcing the release of the SmartCash 1.3.0!

This is a mandatory update. 1.2.8 clients will stop syncing around August 22nd.

This is a massive release with many changes to make future adoption easier. Main changes are SAPI, Timelock transactions, new address format, SuperRewards and new SmartReward structure.

July Updates:
🎉3 Mil Users
🗓Recurring Buy for #BTC
📱$COMP, $CHR, $BAND Listed on App
💰Enhanced Earn Interest Rate
💱New Payment Currencies on App
⛓ Chain Dev & GitHub Updates
🔐Anti-Phishing Code for Exchange
📈Trading API Race

We are burning over 1 billion NTK (approximately 14% of the total supply) on Saturday August 8, 2020. The total supply after the burn occurs will be 6.4 billion NTK.

Learn more:

Platform Update
Launched Copy Trading Service Version 1.2 (for PC) on Jul 28th. Check out various improvements and new features!
Support Staking Service on App. Stake 12 tokens anywhere, anytime.
Upgraded platform deposit function. New users can sign up and log in to deposit directly, no need for Google 2FA now.
Optimized drawing panel for candlestick chart area (professional view). Drawings can be saved automatically to facilitate technical analysis.

The Weekly Peel #15 - BANANO Community Update

Here's already another freshly pressed Weekly Peel #15 with lots of updates, check it out:

Weekly Engineering Update:

- Scheduling video production of steps to create a custom blockchain application with custom data using Lambo Registry as an example application. First video to show the overview and main elements, and next videos to deep dive into the specific topics. Technical webinar on Horizen Sidechains Beta and Lambo Registry to follow.

Weekly Engineering Update:

- Development of first customized sidechain example, "Lambo Registry" almost complete. Applying changes after intermediate code review.

Weekly Engineering Update:

Horizen Sidechains post-beta:

- Writing a document to formalize topics discussed during the Incentives Schemes workshop. Some topics discussed: Distribution of fees between provers, forgers, cert submitter, sidechain developer, and more. Proofs orchestration mechanism. Forward transfer fees. Mainchain backward transfer requests.

- Optimizations of the system and efficiency.

Thanks to the partnership between the DigiByte Foundation and MoonPay & ChangeAngel,
You can now buy DGB coins on the DigiByte Foundation website.
You can buy DGB with 36 fiat currencies, using SEPA, Debit card, Credit card, or Apple Pay.
Fees are equally shared between ChangeAngel, DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) and the DigiByte Foundation to carry out the much needed DigiByte development and marketing.

The 86th episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week, we continue our deep dive series of the six ARK Core Values, with Support as this episode's focus.

Æ Studio, formerly known as Fire Editor, is a brand-new platform for developers in the æternity ecosystem that allows them to write, compile, and deploy smart contracts on Sophia, as well as call local and stateful functions.
Read more here:


What’s next 🤔

After our 3 ongoing products/websites i.e - Main Ebarter platform -Exchange

Our next addition to #BitBall Ecosystem - A unique Decentralized #Cryptocurrency Exchange AKA a #DEX.
📊 📊

Trade #Crypto directly with one another using your own wallets.
Another Big Announcement to follow.

How To Get Smart and SuperRewards - Smartcash v1.3 Phoenix (2020)

Beam Development Update

Beam Tech Lead Alex Romanov presents an overview of recent development updates. He covers the upcoming Eager Electron 5.1 release, Max privacy with Lelantus-mw, offline transactions, Atomic Swap improvements, and the all important Beam DeFi architecture plans.

Team Beam

🚀Summing up the results of July!

✅IQeon platform updates: improvement of user data protection and optimization of the section with bonuses
✅Implementation of KYC and AML procedures
✅Partnership with Caste Crypto
✅Adding IQN to Blockfolio Signal
✅Weekly Challenge: we remind you that the last game of July is Survival Shooter! Participate and win 5 IQN!


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