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spacechain (erc-20)  (SPC)
SpaceChain (ERC-20) (SPC)
HK$0.189155 -3.8%
0.00000056 BTC -3.2%
0.00000809 ETH -2.5%
1,294명이 내용을 좋아합니다.
24H Range
시가총액 HK$77,381,794
24시간 거래대금 HK$411,979
유통량 406,294,238
총 공급량 607,514,839
최대 공급량 ?
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SpaceChain (ERC-20) HKD 변환 차트

SPC to HKD rate today is 0.189155HK$ and has decreased -3.8% from HK$0.196721 since yesterday.
SpaceChain (ERC-20) (SPC) is on a downward monthly trajectory as it has decreased -5.1% from HK$0.199383 since 1 month (30 days) ago.


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Where can I buy and sell SpaceChain (ERC-20)?

SpaceChain (ERC-20) has a global 24-hour trading volume of HK$411,979. SpaceChain (ERC-20) can be traded across 11 different markets (full list) and is most actively traded in Uniswap (v3). Read more about SpaceChain (ERC-20).

7-day price history of SpaceChain (ERC-20) (SPC) to HKD

Compare the price & changes of SpaceChain (ERC-20) in HKD for the week.
날짜 Day of the week 1 SPC to HKD 24hr Changes Change %
September 27, 2021 Monday 0.189155HK$ -0.01123372HK$ -5.6%
September 26, 2021 Sunday 0.200389HK$ 0.00051516HK$ 0.3%
September 25, 2021 Saturday 0.199874HK$ -0.00044441HK$ -0.2%
September 24, 2021 Friday 0.200318HK$ -0.04401192HK$ -18.0%
September 23, 2021 Thursday 0.244330HK$ 0.00798708HK$ 3.4%
September 22, 2021 Wednesday 0.236343HK$ 0.00208112HK$ 0.9%
September 21, 2021 Tuesday 0.234262HK$ -0.02176978HK$ -8.5%
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