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Power your applications with CoinGecko’s independently sourced crypto data such as live prices, trading volume, exchange volumes, trading pairs, historical data, contract address data, crypto categories, crypto derivatives, images and more.

Our Free API* has a rate limit of 50 calls/minute. Need something more flexible and powerful? View our API plans now.

*Attribution required

For users with Pro API Key, please use this root URL to make API request:
Here’s an example of calling Bitcoin’s market data with Pro API Key:

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    23 November 2021: Event endpoint deprecate.

    07 September 2020: Added public_notice and alert_notice output to v3/exchanges/{id} endpoint.

    17 August 2020: Added v3/search/trending endpoint.

    03 August 2020: Added category filter (limited to decentralized_finance_defi at the moment) to v3/coins/markets endpoint.

    15 July 2020: Added v3/coins/{id}/ohlc endpoint.

    23 April 2020: Added atl, atl_change_percentage and atl_date to coins/markets endpoint.

    31 March 2020: When querying the coins//tickers API endpoint. The value returned under converted_last should be in terms of the price per coin of the . For example, if you query coins/tether/tickers and under the results there is a BTC/USDT ticker pair; in the old version you would see converted_last usd returning 6491.51. After this update, it will return 1, which is the actual market price of Tether itself. If you are using converted_last data for calculation, this change will most likely lead to breaking changes. Action needs to be taken on your end. If you are only displaying converted_last data, this change will more accurately reflect what you intended to display. No action needed on your end. This update will take place on April 14th, 2020.

    9 January 2020:Updated include_tickers param for /derivatives/ and /derivatives/exchanges/:id, check the doc for the available values

    8 November 2019: added finance and derivatives endpoints (BETA), feel free to check them out! Any suggestions are welcome!

    22 July 2019: added v3/exchanges/{id}/volume_chart (data returned will be in BTC.)

    13 June 2019: allow order param for v3/coins/{id}/tickers and v3/exchanges/{id}/tickers, defaults to trust_score_desc

    12 June 2019: added trust_score to tickers (v3/coins/{id}/tickers and v3/exchanges/{id}/tickers)

    10 June 2019: added last_traded_at and last_fetched_at to tickers, timestamp will be retained for compatibility (which observes last_traded_at value), timestamp may be deprecated in the future, please update to your app to utilize the new fields.

    10 Apr 2019: exchange_ids optional params added for v3/coins/{id}/tickers

    10 Apr 2019: coin_ids optional params added for v3/exchanges/{id}/tickers

    24 Jan 2019: v3/exchanges/list added

    18 Jan 2019: To reduce bandwidth wastage, our v3/coins/markets now defaults to top 100 coins by market_cap when param ids is blank

    10 Dec 2018: We realized /coins (paginated) is not as useful due to the inability to query for selected coins thus we have it hidden from the DOC to prevent new users using it. Fret not, it WILL NOT be removed/deprecated in the near future however we recommend you to switch to /coins/list and coins/{id}

    7 Dec 2018: Due to the overwhelming requests we are receiving, we are updating the api rate to 100/minute, that is more than 4 million requests per month!

    30 Nov 2018: We released our /simple endpoints, with simplified response after hearing requests from our users for lower api payloads, more simple endpoints to come

    13 Nov 2018: To maintain the uptime and scale of this API, we are only able to return up to 100 tickers for a given exchange for the /exchanges/{id} endpoint. Please use the /exchanges/{id}/tickers paginated API to retrieve more tickers.

    7 Nov 2018: To maintain the uptime and scale of this API, we are only able to return up to 100 tickers for a given exchange for the /coins/{id} endpoint. Please use the /coins/{id}/tickers paginated API to retrieve more tickers.

    CoinGecko API V3 Status