Virtual AMM (vAMM)

- CoinGecko 님 | 업데이트: Aug 13, 2021
An automated market maker (AMM) is a system that uses automated trading to offer liquidity to the exchange in which it operates. As the “virtual” part of the name implies, the vAMM functions similarly like an AMM but does not contain an actual asset pool. The real asset is instead stored in a smart contract vault that keeps track of all of the vAMM's collateral.

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관련 용어

A personally defined list of values to watch over for activity or changes.
Wash Trade
Meaningless back and forth trading between a single party with the aim of inflating trade volume.
A term used to indicate negative sentiment towards the market or an asset, where investors believe that there will be downward price movement.
Pay-Per-Share (PPS)
You are compensated for each valid share that you contribute. Each share is worth a set amount of cryptocurrency that may be mined.
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