3D FinTech Challenge: Want to transform the way compliance is handled?

by Bobby Ong

We are pleased to announce that CoinGecko and Fintech Street are partnering as FinTech media collaborator with the 3D FinTech Challenge, a seven week acceleration program designed to accelerate technological innovation in the financial services industry. The Challenge is open to FinTech start-ups from anywhere around the world. Run in partnership with Deutsche Börse Group, the 2015 program’s theme focuses on helping financial services firms and regulators manage growing compliance requirements.

To find out more about the Challenge and hear testimonials from previous participants and mentors, please visit the 3D FinTech Challenge website.

Are you eligible to apply?

  • Do you have the technology, expertise or even only a business plan for solutions that cover analytics, big data management, machine learning, or data visualization?
  • Are using the latest blockchain technologies?
  • Do you have a key role to play in helping institutions and the regulators manage the growing compliance requirements to protect the markets and consumers
  • Can you help transform the way compliance is handled in the financial services industry?

Here are some of the specific questions the challenge sponsors would like participants to address during the seven-week challenge:

  • How could technology be applied to help support the different types of data formats needed by the industry and regulators to manage market reporting and monitoring?
  • Could a common reference data factory or a data mapping process to a common published data standard be used within the industry to drive a single “standard” for data?
  • Is it possible to help the industry deal with big data issue while simultaneously reducing the burden of duplication placed on market participants?
  • Could pattern recognition, machine learning, or other forms of analysis be applied to the data used by the industry to assist in both the internal compliance and external regulatory process?

What are the benefits?

There will be 6 finalists chosen to participate in the Challenge hosted at Level39, Europe's largest accelerator hub, and the benefits of taking part are huge:

  • Hands-on mentoring from leading industry and senior Dassault Systemes executives
  • Immersive technical and legal support from domain experts
  • Classes on user experience and interface design, intellectual property and licensing agreements
  • The program culminates in presentations to an audience of venture capitalists, private equity firms, industry experts, and senior financial services executives
  • The winning team receives introductions to Dassault Systemes clients who might benefit from the winner’s products and services

In addition to this, the 3D FinTech Challenge does not take any equity from participating start-ups.

Start-ups selected to participate will be those judged best capable of coming up with relevant solutions that address these key questions within the seven week period. You do not need a product, or clients, or funding (though having them is no barrier, either). You do need to have at least part of your team onsite for the duration of the Challenge, and you must be ready to collaborate with other Challenge participants.

How to apply

To be in with the chance of accelerating your business with the 3D FinTech programme, apply here. We at CoinGecko highly recommend that blockchain startups apply to this programme as it will be a very valuable experience. Applications closes 31 August 2015 so do hurry up!

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Bobby Ong

Bobby Ong

Bobby is the co-founder of CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency ranking website that gives a 360 degree overview of cryptocurrencies. Follow the author on Twitter @bobbyong

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