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Axie Homeland Season 1: Changes, 8 Strategies to Get Ahead, and the S1 Plot Design Contest

5.0 | by Sarah P.

Key Takeaways

  • Changes have been made to the tasks and rewards for daily and weekly quests on Axie Homeland.

  • Improve your rankings on the leaderboards with strategies to maximize your returns on Axie Homeland Season 1.

  • Decorate your land with Axie NFT items and stand to win a CoinGecko Land Item in the Season 1 Plot Design Contest.

Axie Homeland Season 1 Tips

Sky Mavis, the team that brought you Axie Infinity, released Axie Infinity: Homeland Season 1 on 22 February 2023. 

Axie Infinity S1


The general game stayed similar to its Season 0 Alpha release, with some user-interface upgrades to make playing easier, a new set of seasonal milestone rewards, as well as changes to the amount needed to complete quests and small alterations to the rewards. You can read about the base game in our old article ‘How to Play Axie Homeland: Beginner’s Guide’ about the Alpha Release.

Note: for this guide “AA Level X” will refer to the Level at which the Altar of Atria is at. “B Level X” will solely refer to the structure’s own level. 

Disclaimer: this guide is up to AA Level 5 only I have yet to get to AA Level 6, and the strategies here are based on my personal learnings and opinion – other players may have found more efficient ways to play and/or have their own strategies which may be different. 

A. New Features Added in Axie Homeland Season 1

  1. Link to AXS Rewards

The top 500 players on the two leaderboards – Passive Adventure and Land Development – will earn at least 1 AXS and up to 350 AXS.  Rewards will be distributed at the end of Season 1. 

AXS Leaderboards


  1. Plot Design Contest

Season 1 also comes with a Plot Design Competition! According to the team, “Plots will be judged based on their creativity, aesthetic harmony, and the effort involved in putting together the concept." Prizes include: Tanuki Land Item, Coingecko Land Item, or Kyber Network Land Item. Additionally, all entries will be placed into a raffle for three R0N1N-21 Land items.

You can enter by sharing a screenshot of your decorated plot on Twitter with the hashtag #AxieLandDesign. 

Axie Plot Design prizes


You can read Section C of this article to learn how to decorate your land with NFT items.

  1. Seasonal Achievements: New Milestone Rewards

Players get a new set of Seasonal Rewards to motivate them to play each season. Players can earn points from completing various tasks to reach milestones. 

Seasonal Achievements Axie Homeland

Statistics: Seasonal Achievements

  1. Changes to the Tasks and Rewards for the Daily and Weekly Quests

Tasks have been altered to give a bit more challenge, a lot more time and log-ins are required to complete the Quests to earn coins. 

Admittedly, the Alpha Release Quests were pretty easy to achieve before noon. The updated Season 1 Quests require more time and grinding – even at AA Level 4. More analysis of the new Daily and Weekly Quests will be in Section B. 

Comparison: Daily and Weekly Quests Alpha vs. S1

Statistics: Comparison Daily and Weekly Quests Alpha versus Season 1

  1. Adventurer Teams in Passive Adventure

Axie Homeland Season 1 allows players to send three Adventurers out together; arguably this would allow them to last longer and get to higher Passive Adventure levels. 

The Sky Mavis Team also made equipping Adventurers easier with its <Keyboard: Space Bar> “Quick Eqiup” button. Note: It does not always equip the highest value items first. 

Adventurer Equip

B. Strategies I have Learnt to Rank Higher on the Leaderboard

  1. Axie Homeland is a Pay-to-Play – Pay more for Higher Rankings

Axie Homeland is Pay-to-Play if you want to rank very high on Axie Homeland AND have the funds to buy the Genesis and/or Mystic land and/or if you can afford to buy more lands (increase quantity) you can buy lands to increase your ranking definitely not sound financial advice, as we have yet to see what is the ROI on the Axie Lands.

You can buy Axie Lands on their Marketplace. Currently, the cheapest Mystic Land is approx. 8 ETH.

Axie Land on Marketplace

Source: as at 3 March 2023. 

Since playing from Day 1, I can confirm that Axie Homeland is a Pay-to-Play game. Despite being provided with 1 Arctic, 1 Savannah and 2 Forests Lands, I have been playing at least 6 times a day, at least 30 minutes per session – and by Day 8 that is at least 40 hours – my Arctic Land has just reached Level 5, Savannah Land sits comfortably at Level 4, and Forest Land A finally upgraded from Level 3 to Level 4 as I ended my day, while Forest Land B stayed at Level 3 at least for Axie Homeland Day 8.

Land Progression Axie Homeland

Update: On 6 March, I still have yet to get to AA Level 6. My Artic and Savanah are at AA Level 5, Plot A is AA Level 4 and Plot B remains at AA Level 3.

When I kept checking the leadership boards, it just baffled me that, despite my grinding hours into the game – yes, some would say borderline addiction, it is quite absorbing – and using my strategies that I had accumulated and implemented from the Alpha release, I remain around 150 on the Passive Adventure leaderboard, and the accumulated points on top page of the leaderboards are so many times of my accumulated score. 

Based on the data released from the end of the Alpha release, in general the players with Genesis land and/or Mystic land and/or more lands get further faster in the game. 

Notably for Season 1, @MattAxie reached Level 5 on 25 February – Day 4 of the Season 1 release. It would appear those playing with the Mystic and/or Genesis lands appear to have an exponential rate and advantage in the game. 

  1. Quickly level up your Altars of Atrias - to get more coins and points

You will need to quickly level up your Altar of Atria to have the ability to earn more coins via completing quests, or selling higher value items to adventurers, thus giving you more points on the Passive Adventure Leaderboard, as well as the Land Development Leaderboard. 

Daily Quest Goals and Rewards Axie Homeland

Statistics: Season 1 Daily & Weekly Quests

  • Note DQ1-3: DQ6 should be achievable at AA Level 2, however, it would require intense grinding. I find this Quest is still slow to complete 2,000 seconds of adventure even at AA Level 3. 

  • Note DQ3: The main bottleneck is DQ3, at AA Level 2 you will have access to Cuddle’s Kitchen which can produce 5 food items, so you have to do 12 cycles to complete the task. One cycle is about ~30 mins, so it will be approx. 6 hours. DQ3 will get easier to pace yourself and achieve with each Level as you access more Structures, and each crafting Structure can increase its Building Level to have more capacity per cycle. 

  • Note WQ2: This is very much luck of the draw, as many players are listing their own items – key tips are to sell items that are used often, which players are willing to buy to use.

  • Note WQ5: 200 Adventurers over a week, is equivalent to sending at least ~29 Adventurers/day.

  • Note WQ4-6: WQ4-6 is accessible in AA Level 3 – recommend building the Consumer’s Corner, and not the Survivor’s Shop, as you can only sell food at AA Level 2.

  • Note WQ9: 600 items over a week, is equivalent to selling at least ~86 items/day.

Adventurers needed to complete the Daily and Weekly Quests Axie Homeland

Statistics: Number of Adventurers needed to complete the Daily and Weekly Quests at each AA Level

Each AA Level would unlock more structures to craft items to sell to adventurers – currently for Season 1, you can sell 6 different items to Adventurers – Food, Armor, Weapon, Shell, Potion, Accessory. 

Adventurer Trading Axie Homeland

  1. Prioritise Getting More Axies – Get Things Done!

Having more Axies is beneficial, as it allows you to do more.

I feel having at least 5 Axies is a must for AA Level 3. You can get more Axies via leveling up your Altar of Atria, or by building and/or upgrading the Hemp Hut and Cozy Cottage. 

Housing Structure Axie Homeland

Statistics: Housing Structures

Disclaimer: I personally felt the Cozy Cottage’s 4000 coins was a bit excessive, and I rather put my coins to focus on upgrading my AA Levels (to sell more items to Adventurers) than to build the Cozy Cottage at this moment. However, at Cozy Cottage B Level 1 you do get 3 Axies.  

  1. Be Selective on Which Structure to Build

Even though the Altar of Atria provides new blueprints for various Structures at every AA Level, you do not have to build all the structures before you proceed to upgrade the Altar of Atria. As an idle farming game, it's all about efficient use of your time and your resources – in particular your coins. By building only what is necessary, this strategy would arguably allow you to get to higher AA Levels, which in turn will give you higher point multipliers (i.e. more items to sell and higher value items) to rank higher on the Leaderboards. 

The Structures available to be built at AA Level 5 are as follows: 

List of structures Axie Homeland

Note: At least 1 of each structure was built solely for research purposes for this article.

The following are my priority list of which structures you should build first – after prioritising the upgrading of the Altar of Atria (for up to AA Level 5):

Priority List for Structures Axie Homeland

Other notable learnings on structures:

Warehouse Structures

Tip 1: Sometimes when you upgrade to a new AA Level, you are allowed to build extra warehousing structures. This is better instead of upgrading a structure.

For example, to get to AA Level 3 we need 325 woods, at AA Level 2 you are allowed to build up to 3 Woody Warehouses. If you build 3 B Level 1 Woods Warehouses you have a capacity of 300 items at no additional cost. If you had upgraded 2 Woody Warehouses to B Level 2 you would have a capacity of 300 items and would have paid 300 coins for the 2 upgrades. 

Altar of Atria Upgrades Axie Homeland

Statistics: Altar of Atria

Pebble Pile and Woody Warehouse Upgrade Requirements

Statistics: Pebble Pile & Woody Warehouse

Tip 2: Have extra warehousing capacity

The Axies will not stop until the warehouses are full. Don’t be too frugal on building and/or upgrading warehousing structures when you get to a new AA Level. Activities such as mine ores or harvesting or metalworks take time, so the higher capacity the warehouse, the more the Axies will produce for that task (while you are away). In turn, the less times you have to task the Axies to carry out the activity, and the more gameplay time you save. 

Warehousing structures upgrade needs

Statistics: Warehousing Structures

Postal Portal – Speed up your gameplay

Initially, I did not think too much about the Postal Portal, only to send resources and to complete my Auction Quests – but at the right price, it's actually very useful. However, I realized (to be elaborated in the next strategy) that the Postal Portal is pretty useful.

I would recommend upgrading the Postal Portal only once to B Level 2 allow for 15 slots on the more important lands. As if you are in a rush to complete the Auction Quests on the last Day (Buy 60 items from the Auction) you only have to worry about 2 rounds of 15 items, rather than 3 rounds of 10 items.

Postal Portal Upgrade Requirements

Statistics: Postal Portal

Furthermore, sometimes your warehouses might be full and you might get a bottleneck of slots from packages that you are unable to unpack. 

  1. Buying on the Auction House Isn’t Just to Complete the Weekly Quest

Currently, most players probably use the Auction house just to complete the Weekly Quests – WQ2: Sell 60 items in the Auction House, and WQ3: Buy 30 times in the Auction House. 

Did you know that you can use the Auction House to speed up your gameplay tremendously? Buying via the Auction House would allow you to upgrade to higher AA Levels faster and/or build/upgrade structures faster and/or produce/craft items faster – in turn giving you more higher value items, more completed items, in turn more coins, and in turn higher ranking on the Leaderboards.

Previously in the Alpha Release, I had used my extra Lands to farm stone and wood and then send the resources to the land I was working on – however, I had to wait about 25 minutes for the packages to transfer, due to the land distances. However, after playing with the Auction House in Season 1, I suddenly realized that when I am in a crunch for time to upgrade/build/craft, I can just buy the materials on the Auction House. It was faster than mining and transferring from my other lands.

Buy from Auction

If you are lucky, sometimes the price will be cheap (1 coin), the listing will have a decent quantity of that item you seek and the postal time will be within 5-10 mins to your Postal Portal – a lot quicker than waiting for your Axies to grind gathering wood/stone and especially producing the metalwork. From the above, postal times are all even shorter than any of my four lands sending packages to each other! 

  1. Be Strategic With Your Items 

Tip 1: Sell easy to produce, higher value items

At AA Level 5 onwards, you will be able to sell up to 5 items to your Adventurers. However, prior to AA Level 5 you still have to be mindful of your Axie’s time and yield. Each Structures Level (B Level X) will unlock a few new items which your Axies can craft – notably, not all items are created equal. Some items will be more expensive, some items will have the added Epic/Mystic boosts, some items will be easier to craft than other items, and some items though available will not be craftable at your current AA Level or you might choose to forgo the structure needed to produce the input. 

For example, at B Level 1 for Protector’s Pledge you can craft up to 8 items. Some items like the Wood Helm and Wooden Shield, despite using a lot of input resources of wood, only sell for 1 coin. Not really worth your Axies’ time. If you use copper ingots, you can sell the Copper Helm and/or the Copper Shield for 20 coins – I would recommend going with the Copper Shield at B Level 1, as copper ingots take longer to produce and wood is pretty quick to gather. 

Weapons and Armor Axie Homeland

Statistics: Weapons & Armor

Tip 2: Produce input resources that can be used for multiple items

The higher value items will need a more complicated array of resources, so it is good to figure out which input resources can be used for multiple items. For example, I can produce wheat to craft Bread and Potions, and I can mine amethyst ore to use for potions and accessories. 

Crafting Items with same resources

Statistics: Crafting items that utilitze similar resources

  1. Be strategic with your research time

Did you know not all blueprints take the same amount of time – some are 36 mins, 54mins, 2hrs 15mins, 3hrs, etc.?

If you know you will be playing and/or checking into Axie Homeland often, you can choose shorter blueprint research times. If you know you won’t be checking into Axie Homeland in a while you can choose the longer research times. 

Research Times Axie Homeland

  1. [Optional] Set your land type to increase productivity

You will get to choose only ONE TIME, to set your land as a specialist land for Agriculture or Metalworks. 

Set land as specialist Axie Homeland

I personally think the Metalworks takes a lot of time – especially creating the Crude Charcoal, the Charcoal Dust and/or producing Bronze ingots etc. Arguably you will need to do more Metalworks in Axie Homeland to produce the Armor, Weapon and Accessories. However, if you feel you do more Agriculture work, you can set your land to Agriculture.

C. How to Decorate My Land With My Axie NFT Items?

If you want to decorate your land with your NFT items, and if you want to join Sky Mavis’s Axie Homeland Season 1 Plot Design Contest, the following will break down how to decorate your land with Axie NFT items. 

The Original Axie NFT Items

As part of the Axie Land sale, each land came with NFT items which can be used to decorate the land and/or traded. 

Axie Infinity Items for Decoration


Items are classified as Common, Rare, Epic and Mystic. 

Item Rarity on Axie Homeland


How to Decorate My Land with Axie NFT Items?

  1. Select the ‘Build’ / Hammer icon (or press the “C” button on your keyboard) at the bottom right corner of your screen. 

  2. When the ‘Build’ tool belt appears press the ‘Badge’ third button on the left.

  3. You will be prompted to click on the ‘Decoration Library’ link (also accessible with the button on the button left corner).

Add decorations on Axie Homeland

  1. Your decorations library would appear, select up to 10 items and click the red ‘X’ button in the top right hand corner. 

Decoration Library on Axie Homeland

  1. Your items would be transferred to your ‘Build’ tool belt. You can click on the item to drop it into your land.

Adding decorations on Axie Homeland

  1. If you want to change the location of or remove the item you can click on its Command Wheel and select the relevant action.  

Where Can I Buy and/or Sell Items?

If you feel you need more items for decoration, you can hop over to the Marketplace. 

Buy Axie Decorations on marketplace


Second Prize: CoinGecko Axie Infinity Epic NFT 

Did you know in October 2020, CoinGecko and Axie Infinity had a CoinGecko Axie Infinity Epic NFT? It was available as one of our CoinGecko rewards, for a limited run. 

But with the Season 1 Plot Design Contest, you still have a chance to win your own CoinGecko Axie NFT!

CoinGecko Decoration Axie


Don’t forget Axie Homeland Season 1 ends on 22 March! So, there's a little over 2 weeks left of gameplay! Good luck, don’t forget to join the Plot Design Contest and enjoy the fun!

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Sarah P.
Sarah P.

Sarah is an ex-analyst who loves spreadsheets. She now enjoys non-competitive idle games and boardgames, and specializes in GameFi for CoinGecko.

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