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Chimpion (Beam Updates)

We have great news, our new partner for the next springboard event is Flippa, the largest buy/sell business platform. With their support our staking options we can offer just reached a new level. Read more about it here :

New to Chimpion? check out our detailed resources listed on our website We have many projects under development from company staking to Wallet creation!

The team behind Chimpion is working hard, finding new outlets for our community, we are currently looking for new exchanges to support our token and working on building wider adoption for Chimpion

Included in this post is a list with all bounties paid from our recent campaign. We believe in transparency is the key to building trust among our Community. So far all bounties claimed have been paid.

It’s Springboard time! Our first round of buybacks for our founding stake projects are happening soon. Over 250K+ will be returned to investors to reward them for their support. Don’t miss out on our next projects! Sign up here

Our Chimpion Pay is still open for coin groups or community's, wanting to take the next step and provide their community with a dedicated wallet and Storefront, Read more here

Those are interested in the Springboard project can Pre-Register for the next Token event we were overwhelmed by the community support on our last sale, so don't miss out this time.

Have you tried out the BCDpay wallet with Native support for BCD and Bitcoin and jam-packed full of features you wouldn't want to miss out. Download free today

Those who are interested in the Springboard project can Pre-Register for the next project event, we were overwhelmed by the community support on our last sale, so don't miss out this time.

Hey Snapchat, thank you for fixing snapchat filters to work for Chimpions! Next week should be great, have a good weekend!

Have no fear, fellow chimps, and bounty hunters. The Chimpion bounty campaign will come back online soon. Stay tuned for further updates.

Hey hunters we've heard your comments about the bounties don't worry Bounty0x has been auditing and calculating all the claimed bounties and BNANA will be disturbed to all participating hunters. ETA Mid June

Want to join the conversation with your fellow chimps?

The team behind Chimpion would like to thank all our fellow chimps, with your support we have already sold out all tokens for the IEO and Springboard Projects. The 10 million token sale has ended but don't worry more tokens to come after June 1st.

Have you heard about our upcoming Springboard project? It's similar to Kickstarter but for helping business owners find investors. Check it out at and register to be notified as soon as we are ready. Investing and being rewarded has never been easier.

App includes features like multi-signature cosigning for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Diamond. You can also receive the latest blockchain news directly in the app.

Now with Mooncatcher Tracker, an AI powered Crypto Tracker that tracks and predicts the price of cryptocurrency. The app will also soon be able to trade crypto on your behalf following our AI powered Quant Trader.

Download BCD Pay Wallet Now

We'll be joining FTconnector , BINC001 5/22 (This Wed) at NYC Microsoft Flagship Store. Chimpion will be doing a demo of the new BCDPay Wallet, showcasing the new crypto tracker with AI price prediction. Join Us! RSVP:

Hey fellow Chimps, what kind of stores would you like Chimpion payment support added to in the future?

Do you know someone who would like to join the Ecommerce Revolution and #SellWithCrypto? Refer them now to Chimpion's Storefront program at (link:

Chimpion a project for everyone, was built to help passionate entrepreneurs find a larger audience online, no matter where they are located globally.

Exchanges here we come! Swap your BNANA for brand new coins with enhanced transparency and security. Learn more at

Sell with crypto like a Chimpion! We already announced how to start your crypto business with Chimpion.
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Hey Chimpions! Banana Coin is now listed on CryptoRank check prices, ROI, market listings and other info at