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Enjin Coin (Beam Updates)

As we head into the home stretch of the year and the 2-year anniversary of ENJ approaches, let's take a look at what we've accomplished.

Here is the Enjin Quarterly Report for Q3 2019:

Enjin Marketplace is live! Buying and selling blockchain assets has never been easier or more secure.

Experience the next step in the evolution of trading:

Say hello to the new and improved Enjin website! Tailored for adoption and built to better communicate the benefits of our technology stack:

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is one of 18 assets supported by Gemini Custody!

We are pleased to welcome Caleb Applegate as Enjin Chief Operating Officer! As co-owner of one of the world's largest Minecraft servers, Caleb is an established business leader and successful entrepreneur who will be instrumental in helping bring our company vision to life.

Read more:

We're happy to see Swiss Crypto Exchange go to such lengths to research and investigate the cryptocurrencies they list. By highlighting trusted cryptocurrencies with tangible adoption prospects, SCX is boosting confidence in the blockchain movement and ensuring projects like Enjin can continue to deliver innovation after innovation for many years to come.

Read more about our listing on SCX:

Enjin Coin is now listed on SCX, the first regulated Swiss crypto exchange. This listing will expose 140,000 traditional investors to ENJ via SCX’s integration partnership with a Swiss bank. We’re honored to be selected as SCX’s first utility token listing!

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The world’s first gamified blockchain rewards program is live, and it's powered by Enjin! Kriptomat Rewards enables users to craft their own blockchain-based assets which can be used as cryptocurrency discounts or as gaming items in 20+ games.

Read more about this groundbreaking program:

With over 67 million gamers and $19 billion in gaming revenues, Japan is the 3rd-largest games market in the world—and a prime location for our blockchain gaming innovations to take hold.

Read more about our recently announced partnership with Japanese accelerator HashPort:

Enjin is making moves in Japan! Through a strategic partnership with Tokyo-based HashPort Accelerator, we will work to grow Enjin’s popularity in the Japanese cryptocurrency and gaming spaces and foster blockchain adoption among developers in the world’s third-largest games market.

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More than 10 million Enjin Coin is locked in blockchain assets—that's over 1% of the total supply of ENJ. We can't wait to see where this number goes in Q3 when the Enjin Platform is launched to Ethereum Mainnet and any software developer in the world can lock ENJ into their assets.

View all the assets created so far:

Have you ever wanted to become a blockchain game developer? Ivan on Tech has released an in-depth course that can guide beginners through the process of designing a game, programming the gameplay, and integrating Enjin’s blockchain infrastructure to bring real value to their virtual worlds. Learn more and sign up:

ERC-1155 is final! Exactly one year after its introduction, Ethereum has adopted the ERC-1155 token standard proposed by Enjin CTO Witek Radomski, making it permanently unchangeable and available to be used by the entire Ethereum development community. Read more about the Multi Token Standard, which enables a single smart contract to produce an infinite number of both fungible and non-fungible tokens:

The first Enjin-powered game has launched! Now live on Ethereum Mainnet with full ERC-1155 integration, Forgotten Artifacts has become the world’s first blockchain-integrated ARPG.

Learn more about this historic moment for gaming and the Enjin Platform:

To celebrate Minecraft’s 10th anniversary, we are thrilled to launch EnjinCraft, the world’s first blockchain-powered Minecraft server! EnjinCraft Server One will feature peer-to-peer blockchain asset trading, hourly loot drops, and Multiverse asset interoperability. As an open-source server, it will enable Minecraft server owners to experience the power of Ethereum-based assets, open up the source code, and copy-paste the code freely!

Sign up for closed beta:

The Blockchain SDK for Java is live! With our open-source SDK, the world’s 9 million Java developers can now effortlessly create, manage, and integrate decentralized assets into their games and applications using the language they know and love. Read more:

The Enjin DApp Browser is live! The feature-packed Enjin Wallet now features a fast, flexible decentralized application browser, providing users with a seamless blockchain-integrated browsing experience.

The future of the internet is here:

Binance Chain support is live in the Enjin Wallet! You can now monitor & manage infinite Binance Chain addresses and add BNB assets from the list of available coins. With native integration of Binance DEX, you will also soon be able to place orders to Binance’s on-chain order books  without leaving the secure wallet interface. We are proud to collaborate with Binance and excited for the new levels of adoption Binance Chain is likely to bring to the crypto space. Read more:

Through this collaboration, we have also launched a custom, EnjinX-powered blockchain explorer for CoinSwitch users ( And in an effort to streamline adoption of the Enjin Platform, CoinSwitch will build an in-game cryptocurrency payment gateway for Unity, enabling 4.5 million Unity developers to accept ENJ and 300+ other cryptocurrencies via 27 mass-market platforms.

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We are excited to announce a threefold collaboration with CoinSwitch! With native integration of the CoinSwitch trading platform, Enjin Wallet users can now swap between 300+ cryptocurrencies from 45,000+ available trading pairs without leaving the secure wallet interface.

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The Enjin Wallet will fully support Binance Chain, including BNB assets and Binance DEX exchange functions. We're excited to be a part of this Binance revelation and provide Enjin Wallet users with a convenient, secure, and precise trading platform.

In our continued effort to make using blockchain technology as simple and easy as possible, we are excited to join the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) and integrate the FIO Protocol with the Enjin Wallet to further advance its seamless, intuitive user experience.

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Binance is adding an ENJ/USDT trading pair! Trading opens April 18 at 4:00am (UTC).

Blockchain asset support is live on EnjinX! ERC-1155 tokens are now public, transparent, and freely browsable on—providing a universal library of next-generation Ethereum blockchain assets and supporting the creation of a decentralized Ready Player One-like gaming experience.

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We are also thrilled to announce the launch of the Enjin Platform, a robust, flexible, powerful suite of tools and services for creating groundbreaking blockchain games. Comprised of the Trusted Cloud, Platform API, Wallet Daemon, and Blockchain SDKs, the Enjin Platform enables developers to integrate blockchain—without writing a single line of blockchain code.

Read more about this all-in-one blockchain game development platform: