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Komodo (Beam Updates)

Komodo and Amazon create a 60-second blockchain builder. A new advanced partnership between web giant Amazon Web Services and blockchain ecosystem Komodo, will enable the creation of blockchains on the Komodo network in less than 60 seconds.

Komodo is pleased to announce the integration of Dilithium, a quantum-secure digital signature scheme.
Now, quantum security is an optional plug-in available to all projects that create a blockchain within the Komodo ecosystem. Read this blog post to learn more about Dilithium quantum security.

Komodo is excited to announce that the third annual Notary Node Election will begin in April 2019. The voting tokens will be airdropped at a 1:1 ratio to all KMD holders on April 14th and one month of voting will take place. Voting will conclude on May 14th.

The blockchain industry is evolving. For the last few years, many blockchain projects placed too much emphasis on hype and market cap, rather than focusing on innovating valuable technology and building working products. Now, the industry is getting back on track and refocusing on development. Komodo is proud to be one of the projects that are leading the charge.

A Komodo team member and co-author of the white paper, Siddhartha, recently sat down with ChangeNOW for an interview. Check out the article to learn more about the origins of Komodo, the differences between Komodo and other blockchain platforms, and what you can expect to see from Komodo in the coming months.

Komodo is pleased to announce that KMD is now listed for trading on Huboi Global! Huobi Global, a top-20 digital asset exchange based in Beijing, China, has listed KMD with two trading pairs: BTC and ETH. The Komodo team is pleased that KMD is becoming available to more people, particularly those in the Chinese market. Check out this blog post for more information

This week's Tech Tuesday is fresh off the press. Quantum Resistant Dilithium Implemented & MuSig Key Aggregation Crypto-Condition Modules.

Komodo’s Chief Technology Officer Kadan Stadelmann recently sat down with CryptoGlobe to talk about atomic swap technology and the future of crypto trading. In the interview, Mr. Stadelmann, aka ca333, discusses Komodo’s updated atomic swap protocol, which is nearing completion, and how this new technology will upgrade Komodo’s decentralized exchange. Check out the article to learn more about these upcoming innovations:

Reminder: 12 hours left until the sapling deadline. If you have funds in a z-address please move them to a transparent address. If your funds are in a r-address you don't need to do anything. Drop into Discord if you have questions:

As you may already know, Komodo is in the midst of a full rebrand. This means that the Komodo team is redefining the project from the ground up, developing products that are go-to-market ready, creating more developer resources, and implementing a business strategy that will ensure Komodo’s success for decades to come. Right now, the Komodo team has a strong focus on product strategy and development. Learn more:

Komodo is pleased to announce that Bittrex has decided to list a KMD-USD trading pair on its exchange starting on February 7, 2019. If you're a Bittrex user and you're interested in taking advantage of this new KMD-USD trading pair, check out this article to learn more.

In cooperation with the Zcash Security Team, the Komodo Development Team was able to eliminate a critical vulnerability that had been identified in the Zcash code base. Komodo is grateful that the Zcash team handled this issue in such a secure and professional manner, allowing Komodo to quickly reach a solution. Learn more about how Komodo worked to keep the ecosystem safe in this announcement.

Tech Tuesday Development Update. Week 06: Facebook Crypto Acquisition Comparison & ERC20 Migrations

Please to read Komodo and our CTO mentioned in Forbe's "No More Trading Or Listing Fees?" article alongside Decred.

Good news. Komodo is back on Ledger Live and the Nano S:

2018 was a huge year of evolution and growth for Komodo. Despite an ongoing bear market, the Komodo Development Team delivered several groundbreaking technologies throughout the year. As a result, Komodo was able to make great progress with regard to business development, partnerships, and marketing. To learn more about Komodo’s growth in 2018, as well as updates about plans for 2019, check out our year-end report.

Komodo is pleased to announce a Strategic Technology Partnership with Coinbene, a major crypto exchange based in China. Coinbene has independently audited and validated Komodo's Blockchain Security Service and will be officially endorsing it to at-risk coins and tokens listed on the exchange.

CCN posted a story today featuring Komodo: "Exclusive: Komodo GM Explains How to Build on Bitcoin without Being Constrained by It"

Tech Tuesday Development Update – 2019 Week 5: Peer To Peer Orderbooks And The “First Atomic Swap” History

The first Chinese Blockchain Rankings of 2019 have been released. Komodo is ranked higher than Bitcoin and appears in the top 10 again. This time we're no.9 overall and no.4 for blockchain technology.

I'm happy to report that ICObench has raised our rating to 4.3 after reviewing the team's progress. You can read their analysis here:

In case you missed it, I'd like to recommend reading this week's "Tech Tuesday Development Update: Cryptocurrency Will, Inheritance & Blockchain Heirs". Among other developments, we look at how to create a timely process and provide a trustless validation for cryptocurrency wills.

We're making some important changes to our main chain which showcase how adaptable our blockchain technology is. I recommend reading our newly posted article "Komodo Showcasing Multi-Chain Architecture: Z-Transaction Functionality Is Moving To A New Interlinked Chain" to get up to speed.

Komodo is hiring for a remote support agent. More info here:

Looking back on 2018, here is a brief history of our working tech and an animated timeline of the Komodo Platform.