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Monero (Beam Updates)

Watch the September Coffee Chat live:

Enormous GUI update! It includes a light theme, Trezor Model T and Ledger Nano X support, blockchain pruning (~66% disk savings), optional fiat price conversion, a buttery smooth experience, address book and history redesign, and so much more! Make sure to reach out if you need help, we're happy to lend a hand! :)

Watch this month's Monero Coffee Chat live!

Watch Breaking Monero Episode 4: Chain Splits and the Key Image Reuse Attack. This is a pretty sweet episode that discusses some major concerns when users claim airdrop coins. Featuring Sarang, Surae, and Justin! Let us know your comments in the video!

MyMonero's website has been redesigned to prominently display its desktop and iOS mobile applications. Access MyMonero more securely with its dedicated apps, or through its redesigned web app!

LIVE in less than an hour: Breaking Monero Episode 3: 0-Decoy and Chain Reactions. This video is only 20 minutes long and includes helpful visuals and spreadsheets!

Watch the second episode of Breaking Monero on Ring Signatures! This episode is a bit long as we cover a lot of initial ground. Let us know what you think in the video comments!

Monero is now the ONLY accepted cryptocurrency at the official Fortnite merchandise store! Select the "GloBee" payment option with the Monero logo at checkout. Happy new year!

Mastering Monero is now available as a paperback on Amazon! This resource was crowdfunded by the community and represents a year of work. Grab a copy today! All proceeds are donated to the Monero project. Digital versions available next month.

The first episode of Breaking Monero premieres in just a few minutes! It's a series that covers Monero's privacy and security limitations so we can make Monero better. More episodes to come over the next few weeks!

Monero is now available at 32 SatoshiPoint cryptocurrency ATMs in the UK!

Monero Outreach published their first article in the "Women of Monero" series: "Blockchain’s Gender Imbalance: Problem or Potential?" Give it a read!

Watch the Monero Coffee Chat LIVE right now!

The Cake Wallet XMR to BTC pair is now handled by! Please update your Cake Wallet iOS app to experience the new functionality! (All other pairs are still handled by MorphTrade)

Monero was recently added to Bity Cryptocurrency ATMs in Switzerland. Great news for adoption!

Monerujo 1.10.10 was just released, which adds the amazing new Node-o-matiC feature! Users now can connect to nodes automatically without knowing about how it works in the background. If you need a Monero android wallet, check out Monerujo, which is completely open-source, community-funded, and non-custodial!

Watch this month's Coffee Chat, LIVE right now!

Learn strategies for evaluating cryptocurrency private technologies and implementations! Avoid getting rekt by unsupported promises and dubious ideas.

Check out this week's Monero Moon with all the weekly updates you could hope for!

Check out this week's updates by reading the Monero Moon!

Please make sure to update to Monero as soon as possible. It includes several privacy and usability updates.

Monero hard forks every six months to upgrade the network. These forks are non-contentious, and we get awesome new technology out of it. One is coming up on the 18th of this month, and it will have the long awaited bulletproof feature which will shrink transaction size (and cost) by up to 80%.

More information on how to prepare for the hard fork soon.