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NEM (Beam Updates)

The NEM Foundation is happy to announce our partnership with Tech Bureau Holdings to expand the reach of mijin Catapult v.2 outside of Japan 🇯🇵


Check out the latest technical update from Grégory Saive - Head Foundation Developer.

NEM Foundation Technology Department Update - July 2019! 👉

Dear NEM Community, we are happy to provide you with an update on the Foundation’s Q1 ROI Executive Summary 📊

Check it out! 👉

Slide deck:

We’ve been keeping busy this month as we work towards the impending Catapult launch this Fall. Here’s the latest progress made by the NEM Foundation 👉

$XEM is now available on #Swtfcoin (, a one-stop, cross-chain wallet & payments app that makes swapping, sending, & using 130+ cryptos simpler, faster and safer.

#SWFTBlockchain's algorithm guarantees the best rates at the lowest fees (0.05%).

Photos from the #adcblockchain2019 — Blockchain in Health - My Records and My Identity - how do we ensure ones identity and human rights are preserved in the process?

And it’s official! Congratulations to our partner LoyalCoin for closing the deal with #McDonalds in providing a cryptocurrency-based rewards program for customers.

Now, users of the app can earn #crypto on transactions at McDonald’s and spend it on rewards.

Read more👉

If you are following cryptocurrency news, you are aware of many multi-billion companies which are investing in virtual coins. Yet, not many people know unusual places and brands that allow buyers to purchase goods or services by using #cryptocurrency.

Check this article from LuxTag about 5 unusual places where you can pay with #crypto👇

#NEM Foundation Secretary Jason Lee will be at the Australian Davos Connection Forum for the Global Blockchain Summit to speak in a panel on blockchain and health. Learn more 👉 demo day to highlight projects from their Masters in Blockchain with realtime voting in the #NEM Blockchain and NEM Ventures supporting with prizes for the winners. Read more👇

Don’t miss #NEM Foundation Council Member and Co-founder Jeff McDonald on his keynote speech “How fast should #blockchain be?” at #MoneyAsia 2020! Full info👇

Dear community,‬

‪We would like to provide a list of updates based on the confirmation of funding of 25 million $XEM, as well as an update on our transformation initiative. Read more👉

During the panel discussion, #NEM Malaysia Sdn Bhd Investments and Strategy Director Jasmine Ng said while investments to explore blockchain’s implementation in businesses could be costly, she said there is a huge potential upside. Read the full story here👇

The Blockchain Demo Day will force to vote projects in a public and decentralized service with #NEM. Read more👇

Happy to announce NEM Foundation President Alex Tinsman joining "The Next 10 Years" panel at #JustHODLItEvent with #ygchenry, #DJohnstonEC, and more! Final day to sign up for free at

#JustHODLit #JHI2019

NEM Foundation Update — March 2019

Dear #NEM community,

We would like to provide an update now that we are in the process of smoothly shifting to the new structure now that funding has officially begun. We are excited for what the future holds and sincerely appreciate your patience the past few weeks.

HYBSE Lesotho (PTY) Ltd. (HYBSE) has acquired the official clearing license from the Kingdom of Lesotho, which will accommodate settlements, clearings, custodians and money markets. Full story below👇

Nemesis 2D is a proof of concept that intends to let people acknowledge #NEM functionalities, and a way to create a Non-Fungible Token-like environment. Learn more👇‬

The #NEM Foundation has published a plan for financial and organizational restructuring, following a funding injection of $8.7 million in its native $XEM tokens. Read more👇

The #NEM Foundation is mapping out its survival plans in real time after obtaining a funding injection of roughly $8 million last month and laying off most of its staff. Full story from CoinDesk below👇

NEM Ventures unveils the name and detail of its first portfolio investment called #Vimba (formerly known MyCryptoSaver). Read the full story below👇…/22151

LuxTag, powered by #NEM, made a partnership with Dagang Net, a leading provider of award-winning eServices for Trade Facilitation, to offer blockchain-based eservices. Read the full story below👇

Catch NEM Foundation Co-founder and Council Member Jeff McDonald at Money20/20 Asia!

Learn more 👉

Blockchain dynamics in overseas. Here’s a summarized video of #Catapult workshop. The workshop focused on the overseas cases by looking ahead to v.2 (Catapult) which will be the next generation of #NEM and #mijin.‬

Once again, thank you to the #NEM Community for supporting the NEM Foundation 2019 Funding Proposal. 🙏🎉

⚖️ 573 voted

✅ YES: 4.5631% (90.06%)
❎ NO: 0.5034% (9.94%)

Read the proposal here👇