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QuarkChain (Beam Updates)

Dear All #QuarkChain Testnet Miners,
Thank you for your support and your participation in the Testnet mining! The final rewards were listed at Github page. Please read this detailed KYC process announcement carefully, and DO NOT miss the deadline.

QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report is coming!
1️⃣Development updated
2️⃣New Partnership with CBNT
3️⃣ #QuarkChain attended Consensus Conference in NY
4️⃣Public chain and cross chain party with Polkadot and AVA Labs
5️⃣ #Sharding Technology Panel with Harmoney, Thendercore, ETH 2.0, Kadena, Near Protocol, Zilliqa, and Ontology
Read more here:

QuarkChain mainnet V1.0 "Singularity" will officially launch at 23:59 PM on Apr 30th. It is one of the first public chains that successfully implemented state sharding technology for blockchain in the world. Please click and read more about QuarkChain mainnet v1.0 Singularity’s design concept, technical configurations, ecosystem, and future plans.

QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report is coming!
1️⃣Development updated
2️⃣50+Million staked QKC
3️⃣Cobo wallet supports Guardian Plan
4️⃣QuarkChain in News: Find QuarkChain on Yahoo Finance, crypto briefing, Altcoin buzz, CryptoEconomy
5️⃣ #QuarkChain attended Crypto World Expo in SF

Click for more details:

QuarkChain Elf Guardian voting portal officially starts! Anyone who staked QKC for votes is eligible to vote at official pages. The first batch of 54 Elf Guardians are disclosed. To motivate the participation enthusiasm of Term I, the rewards of the Elf Guardians for Term I will be doubled! Voters while expected to receive more than 300% annualized returns. Staking QKC for Votes is still ongoing! Users are allowed to stake QKC for receiving votes and earn the early bird rewards!

QuarkChain bi-weekly Report is here!
1️⃣Guardian Plan Update
2️⃣QuarkChain was Awarded the Best Technological Breakthrough Project in #Blockchain

Upcoming Events:
1️⃣IEEE DAPPCON 2019 – Blockchain and Beyond

Click for more detail:

QuarkChain Announced the Official Open for Staking QKC for Votes!

Users are allowed to stake QKC for receiving votes at the #GuardianPlan page and earn the early bird rewards!

Download qPocket and stake #QKC for votes in 5 mins!

To better promote community development, QuarkChain is announcing the launch of Guardian Plan. We would like to select more community members that are trustable, committed, and beneficial to the QuarkChain ecosystem universe expansion and the mainnet protection to enhance the security of the network! Participate in and win the benefits!

QuarkChain will officially launch the Mainnet 1.0 Singularity on April 30, 2019 UTC+8. Mainnet Singularity will finish what Ethereum 2.0 plans to achieve ahead of time and will be the world’s first blockchain project that fully implemented state sharding technology. In addition, QuarkChain so far is the only public chain looking into supporting various consensus algorithms, multiple virtual machines, and multi-native tokens.

Dear friends, NEW Bounty Program is launched with 2,000,000 QKC rewards to build a more active, friendly, and valuable community. Please read bounty details here. If you have any questions, please join the official telegram group. (

QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report is coming! (

Come and see QuarkChain Development Progress updating and Startup Grind Conference summary! Thank you for your supporting.

QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report is coming! (

Read Dr. Zhou's article: Cross-Shard Transaction, and QuarkChain Developer Bounty Program in 3 mins. Also QuarkChain has been selected to attend Startup Grind Global Conference! Thank you for supporting us!

In order to further enhance QuarkChain network security, offer the highest level of security of users’ property, and make QuarkChain the most secure project, QuarkChain will officially announce Developer Bounty Program.

Hello everyone, QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report Coming! ( Learn more about our development progress, bounty program and Upbit news!

QuarkChain Explained, Part 5: Collaborative Mining and Hashpower Reuse Technique

We are happy to announce that QKC will be listed on Upbit today! (

Happy Friday! QuarkChain Biweekly Report is coming. ( Read newest development progress, qpocket 2.0, GPU Mining Guide, Dr. Zhou's article: Proof of Staked Work — A Simple PoW/PoS Hybrid Consensus in 3 mins. We will have AMA this Saturday.

We are happy to announce qPocket Mobile Wallet 2.0 is LIVE! ( qPocket 2.0 - A New Mobile Wallet with DApp Store aims to provide users with a simple, secure, and fully functional portal to the blockchain. Please update and try this new feature!

Proof of Staked Work - A Simple Hybrid PoW/PoS with potential stronger 51%-attack resistant.

2018 is an important year to QuarkChain. ( Debut listing of QKC on binance; announced Testnet 1.0 & 2.0; open-sourced codes; launched qPocket. Thank you everyone for supporting us!

Early Christmas Gift: This is the official announcement - QuarkChain Bounty Program started! 1,000,000 QKC reward in Total! ( We really appreciate you being here and helping us build a more active, friendly and valuable community.

QuarkChain Biweekly Report is coming. ( Testnet 2.0 mining event is on, and you can download qPocket Wallet now! Click to see our new partnership. Dr. Zhou will have AMA this Saturday. Ask anything you wanna know!

Welcome QuarkChain global ambassadors! ( They will work with the team to build exclusive communities in different countries or regions, and jointly create and share future value growth.

We are thrilled to say that QuarkChain official mobile wallet - qPocket ( officially launches after 6 months of development and numerous testing. Download and have fun with it!

What's new in QuarkChain 2.0? Explainer video in 90 seconds to show you infinite possibilities of QuarkChain! Go to and click on "Watch Introduction Video" now :)