Batch Auction

Door CoinGecko | Bijgewerkt op Sep 01, 2021
A Batch Auction distributes an amount of tokens to users that is proportional to their contribution to the pool. The token price is then determined based on the total amount raised at the end of the auction.

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It is the main network of Bitcoin, where the transactions of this cryptocurrency are registered and take place.
Golden Cross
It is a bullish signal in technical candlestick pattern by comparing two lines of short-term moving average and long-term average. It is a golden cross when the short term moving average broke its long-term moving average.
A cryptocurrency is said to be "mineable" when it has the system thrugh which miners can be rewarded with newly-created cryptocurrencies for creating blocks.
Within the blockchain network, the nodes are computers that connect to the network and have an updated copy of the blockchain
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