Waluty: 4098
Giełdy: 295
Kapitalizacja rynkowa: 134 561 010 873 $ 1,3%
Wolumen – 24 godz.: 18 192 953 250 $
BTC 51,7%
ETH 11,5%
XRP 9,82%

Beam Updates

Powiadomienia bezpośrednio od zespołów projektowych.

SmartCash (SMART) accounts for nearly half of all cryptocurrency payment usage numbers according to Vegan Verde, the @Anarchapulco crypto restaurant:

$SMART 44.5%
$BTC 18.4%
$BCH 16.5%
$DASH 16%
$LTC 2.8%
$ETH 1.5%
$BSV 0.19%

The SmartCard was quite popular at the event with its speed and ease of use:

Weekly Update (Community + Comms):
- NU3 Process Changes
- Company Name Change
- The Growing Role of the Zcash Foundation
- Zcash Featured on Coinbase Earn

The Quppy wallet is now solidified with an integration of Nexo’s instant crypto loans, allowing its user base to get instant cash without selling their digital assets in the most efficient manner so that they can profit from the emerging bull run in crypto. #NexoEverywhere

The wait is over! BCD Pay app is now available for iOS.
With BCD Pay, people from all over the world can now buy online safely and without fees. Buy anything and everything online without even leaving the house. Download the app and try it for yourself

Want to win 50 BCD? Make and submit your video commercial for BCD Pay for a chance to win the prize. Check out this one about how much time flies when you are using the wallet app.
Submit your entries on

Automotive specialist ATPTrucks has announced that it will accept payments in cryptocurrency, powered by e-commerce project Chimpion. Now accepting Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and an array of coins.

Lift off in 3... 2... 1... The Chimpion POS App has been launched. Find it now on the iOS and Android App Stores.

Chimpion is the All-in-one Ecommerce, POS, and Digital Wallet. We are now accepting new merchants that want to sell online. If you have products you wish to sell into USA, check out our new video.

Watch how it works on Community Q&A (Feb 22) with our CEO Kris! Check out the videos here:
This Week’s Recap:
Coming Up Next:
Questions from the Community:

We are excited to announce that purchasing AppCoins on Binance has become a whole lot easier now that the cryptocurrency exchange accepts credit and debit cards for crypto payments. You can learn more about this at

Do you have questions about EMD? Do you want to get in touch with the EMD core Team? Join us on Telegram, on discordapp, on facebook, on reddit, on instagram, on Slack. Visit our Website and see our social media channels
For instant support you can use our Telegram Group:

A brand new Request is introduced today, in cooperation with Dept and Studio Dumbar! 🎉

Another busy week in the SAFE Network! New Crust team members, UI/UX enhancements to the Safe Authenticator Mobile App, preparing the release of SAFE Browser V0.11.2 and safe_app_java milestone improvements, plans for the release of extensive documentation library by SAFE Client Libs, a new Routing post in the Fleming Forum series discussing the recent brainstorming sessions... Read more now at

We are pleased to announce Beta version 1.0.104 of Netkoin's mobile app has officially been launched which includes the integrated Multi-token wallet. You can now send, receive and store hundreds of ERC20 tokens.

Download on the Google Play Store:

Live AMA session with Impleum Core Team.
Ask the Team your questions on Wed, February 27, 2019 from 14:00 CET.

CoffeeCoin (COF on the Waves platform & DEX) has just become one of the first projects awarded qualified token status by CoffeeCoin has passed a rigorous review process to earn this status and now has its logo, ticker and status visible on the Waves platform clients and decentralized exchange.

Full details available here:

CoffeeCoin website:

Need to use Bitcoin on Ethereum DApps? Buy WBTC (Wrapped BTC) using the new KyberWidget on CoinGecko and enjoy a 10% Rebate!

Retweet and Tag 2 friends for a chance to win an additional $50 #WBTC Campaign ends 8 March 23:59 GMT+8

RT and Tag 2 friends:
Learn more:

QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report is coming! (

Come and see QuarkChain Development Progress updating and Startup Grind Conference summary! Thank you for your supporting.

1.2.8 is available now, SmartNode operators will be required to update and meet new collateral requirement. 1.2.8 nodes will begin being paid at block 910,000 around February 24th.

This week at Dash Core Group
🔒 Dash Core v0.13 DIP3 (Deterministic Masternode List) locked in; will activate in ~1 week
🤺 Compiled BLS library to allow for signing using BLS in DAPI
📖 Cleaning up Dash Platform Protocol (DPP) code to prepare for open-sourcing (timing TBD)
⏩ Coded Auto InstantSend in DashWallet iOS
🛤 DAPI successfully connected in DashWallet Android temporary UI (send/receive/accept contact requests)

We are very happy to inform that we will list XRP in our platform on February 24th.

Double team today on the Sapphire code from Dylan and Nick. #code #BetterTogether #DynamicDuo #blockchain #crypto #ecc #Sapphire #satoshi #Unity

Get the latest updates from the team at ECC here.

As we promised you, it has finally happened. #SHMN has been on a 1.2 million dollar market exchange Bitibu. This will bring the necessary momentum for the coin, new investors.

You may open & account with them & start trading. We intend to keep updating you with more exciting news.

We'd like to dedicate our first Beam post to thanking the Coingecko team for giving us the opportunity to reach out to you, our beloved community of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.
Stay tuned for exciting announcements coming in 2019.

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