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Finance / Banking

Citowise already provides cryptocommunity with reliable and professional cryptocurrency wallet, fighting back scammers and hackers, adopting crypto currencies for mass use and assuring a high quality of ICO projects. Citowise is now launching an initiative for business globalization. Buying a company in remote jurisdiction and finding a professional assistance to run it remotely will be available at the tip of a finger. This will reside costs of maintaining business overseas and will save time for globalization oriented entrepreneurs.

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Max Zab profile picture
Max Zab
Aleksandr Kents profile picture
Aleksandr Kents
Jaroslav Gorjatsev profile picture
Jaroslav Gorjatsev
Head of Engineering
Michael Burich profile picture
Michael Burich
Business Development
Enelin Paas profile picture
Enelin Paas
Head of communications
Jay Bharadhwaj profile picture
Jay Bharadhwaj
Project manager
Denis Orlov profile picture
Denis Orlov
Project manager
Artur Lubin profile picture
Artur Lubin
Graphic design
Andrei Mironovic profile picture
Andrei Mironovic
Nikita Shatunov profile picture
Nikita Shatunov
Pavel Scherbakov profile picture
Pavel Scherbakov
Pavel Dubov profile picture
Pavel Dubov
Web developer
Dmitri Nassenik profile picture
Dmitri Nassenik
Head of Online advertisement
Denis Sokolov, Ph.D. profile picture
Denis Sokolov, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant
Roman Vasjoho profile picture
Roman Vasjoho
Global Investment Adviser
Oleg Koshkin profile picture
Oleg Koshkin
Analytics specialist
Dauren Toleukhanov  profile picture
Dauren Toleukhanov
Investments Adviser
Vladimir Nikitin  profile picture
Vladimir Nikitin
IT Legal specialist
Alex Burg profile picture
Alex Burg
Security Adviser
Nikolay Shkilev  profile picture
Nikolay Shkilev
IT Entreprenuer
Phillip Nunn profile picture
Phillip Nunn
Blockchain online influencer
Phil Dardier profile picture
Phil Dardier
Blockchain online influencer
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